Whole Foods Market expands cheese recall following reports of hospitalizations; two deaths

cheese recall Vulto Creamery 213x210 Whole Foods Market expands cheese recall following reports of hospitalizations; two deathsRaw milk cheeses are under fire again as Whole Foods announces it will be expanding its initial cheese recall in hopes of protecting more consumers from potential Listeria monocytogenes. Only eight stores are affected, spread across New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

According to the FDA, Whole Foods will be including Vulto Creamery’s Andes, Hamden and Walton Umber raw milk cheeses in its initial recall of Ouleout and Miranda soft wash-rind raw milk cheeses. The three additional cheeses were cut and packaged in a clear plastic wrap with “sell by” dates from 01/02/2017 to 04/02/2017 and scale labels starting with 0200307, 0201357 or 0206308.

The following Whole Foods Market locations sold the recalled Vulto Creamery cheese products:

  • 94 Derby Street, Hingham, MA
  • 1255 Raritan Road Unit 150, Clark, NJ
  • 300 Bergen Town Center, Paramus, NJ
  • 238 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1095 Avenue of the Americas. New York, NY
  • 270 Greenwich Street, New York, NY
  • 4 Union Square South, New York, NY
  • 575 Boston Post Road, Port Chester, NY

Vulto Creamery’s recalled cheese was linked to a strain of Listeria monocytogenes that has caused six known hospitalizations and two deaths as of March 10 of this year. Whole Foods Market, however, has reportedly linked none of these incidents to its own consumers.

Listeria is notorious not only for being lethal, but also for its persistence in food-manufacturing facilities and ability to not only survive in temperatures below freezing but to thrive in them. While Listeria monocytogynes bacteria are not a leading cause of food poisoning, they are among the deadliest of food-borne pathogens, causing about 255 deaths in the United States every year.

Any consumer in possession of one or more of the aforementioned cheese products should either bring their receipts to Whole Foods Market for a full refund or simply discard the cheese entirely.

For more information on the cheese recall, contact Vulto Creamery directly at 607-222-3995 during normal hours of operations (Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. ET), or email Vulto Creamery has ceased production of its cheese until the company and the FDA finish investigating the source of the issue.

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