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Two Workers Severely Burned By Hot Oil Sue Church’s Fried Chicken For $150 Million

fried chicken Pixabay 304x210 Two Workers Severely Burned By Hot Oil Sue Church’s Fried Chicken For $150 MillionTwo employees of a Church’s Fried Chicken in Livingston, Texas, are suing the fast-food chain for $150 million after suffering life-threatening grease burns when the kitchen floor collapsed.

Hugolina Guerrero de Garzon, a 35-year-old mother of three, and Joselin Damian Gonzalez, 17, remain hospitalized in guarded condition after being “horrifically, permanently injured” when the floor caved in Aug. 1, 2016.

The women were working in a small area of the kitchen in a Church’s Fried Chicken location in Livingston, about 70 miles north of Houston, when the floor gave way. They and another female employee fell down onto a sub-floor while industrial fryers overturned and spilled several gallons of hot grease used for frying chicken and fries on top of them.

Ms. de Garzon and Ms. Gonzalez were severely burned on more than 75 percent of their bodies. The other worker was also severely injured and has hired a different lawyer to represent her.

A lawyer for the plaintiffs told the Houston Chronicle that the women were working in a part of the kitchen where there was a known crack in the floor tiles that had been a cause for concern. According to the Chronicle, restaurant managers were notified of the potentially dangerous problem just two weeks before the collapse, but they told employees to keep working anyway.

The lawyer told the Chronicle that the women are suing the restaurant chain for gross negligence, saying the horrific accident could have been easily avoided had the restaurant made some “common sense” repairs.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is also investigating the accident.

Source: Houston Chronicle