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Benzene found in well water in Tennessee; City and County argue over funding repairs

bottled water 280x210 Benzene found in well water in Tennessee; City and County argue over funding repairsFor six years, many residents of Lewisburg, Tennessee can only drink bottled water. They refuse to drink their own tap water after the state found benzene and other contaminates in the well water back in 2011.

When the State of Tennessee offered a grant to pay half the cost of repairing the water contamination issue, the city and county began fighting over the money.

Pipelines to carry city water to the residents on both sides of Craig Moore Road have already been installed, but a two-mile section is missing from the middle. Lewisburg Mayor Jim Bingham said the city can’t afford to get clean water to the families because the area isn’t part of the growth plan. Mayer Bingham believes this would cause the city government to miss out on potential extra revenue. Instead, the mayor suggested having a master meter installed by the county.

According to the county, the families who need clean drinking water can’t be reached because county lines can’t be installed to an area that is located between two city lines.

Carol Dick and her husband Bill live near the old city landfill, which is leaching the contaminates into their drinking water. Further testing last January confirmed that benzene is one of the chemicals floating in the water.

Dick is frustrated with having no one to turn to with requests for help. “They point fingers at other people so we go to other people and they point back to the city,” he said. “The part of the road from the old landfill had been contaminated and they had gotten part of the road done but we’re concerned the rest of the road might have the same problems with contaminants in the well,” Dick explained.

Exposure to benzene, a known human carcinogen, has been linked to serious blood diseases such as AML, MDS, lymphomas and aplastic anemia. Many people who work in industries that utilize benzene are unaware of its dangers. Toluene produces damaging effects to the nervous system and brain.

Source: News Channel 5