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Worker amputation results in lawsuit against machine manufacturer

2874245 2874245 industrial gears background 316x210 Worker amputation results in lawsuit against machine manufacturerA woman who lost five fingers in an amputation incident while attempting to clean an industrial yarn machine filed a lawsuit against the machine’s manufacturer, holding them responsible.

Mary Lynn Stanco, a Pittston Township, Pennsylvania, resident, was working as a threader at Warp Processing Co., Inc in Exeter. The warping machine she often uses produces large volumes of yarn on spinning beams at a speed of 450 yards per minute.

According to the lawsuit, Stanco was assisting a mechanic who was working on a warping machine in April 2016. When the mechanic pointed out a dirty presser roller, Stanco attempted to clean the dirt with a paper towel by bypassing a safety guard to wipe the dirt while the roller was spinning. The paper towel got caught in the yarn and sucked Stanco’s right hand between the presser roller and the spinning beam. All five fingers were amputated, and her entire hand was “degloved”.

The lawsuit has been aimed at Gastex, Inc., the company responsible for designing and assembling the machine, located near Charlotte, North Carolina. Don’s Machine Shop in West Pittston has also been named, claiming it was commissioned to build a safety guard in 2005 that would have prevented someone from coming into contact with the moving rollers.

The lawsuit claims the safety bar was “defective and unreasonably dangerous”, as well as completely inefficient at deterring contact with the spinning beam, presser roller, and other dangerous moving parts. Stanco also pointed out in the suit that in order for threaders to properly do their job, “it was necessary to ignore or bypass” the safety bars and put their hands in dangerous places to access the yarn or to clean the equipment.

Source: The Citizens’ Voice