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Maintenance Worker Killed after Being Crushed Beneath Lawn Mower

lawnmower commercial Shutterstock 375x210 Maintenance Worker Killed after Being Crushed Beneath Lawn MowerLast Saturday at a north suburban country club in Northbrook, Illinois, a maintenance worker was killed after being crushed beneath a lawn mower.

Richard L. Bowden, a 62-year-old Deerfield resident, was operating a commercial lawn mower on the grounds of Greenacre Country Club. As a contract employee of the landscaping company charged with maintaining the country club’s property, Bowden was mowing the grass along an embankment with a steep incline when the heavy machine tipped over, crushing him beneath its weight.

NBC News Chicago reports that the autopsy performed by the Cook County medical examiner’s office determined he died of traumatic asphyxia, with blunt force injuries a contributing factor to his death.

The Village of Northbrook is investigating the details surrounding Bowden’s death, which has been ruled an accident.

Eight days prior to Bowden’s accident, on May 5, a plant worker for the water department was also killed by a lawn mower in northwest suburban Hanover Park.

Steven Daley, 50, had worked as a water treatment operator in the sewer maintenance division of the Hanover Park Public Works Department for 19 years when he was found pinned underwater beneath a lawn mower.

Autopsy reports have determined that Daley’s death, also ruled an accident, was due to drowning.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, around 25,300 people are injured and 75 people are killed annually while using riding lawn mowers and garden tractors. Around 400,000 people each year require emergency room treatment for injuries caused by lawn and garden tools.

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