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Turtle Wax named in benzene exposure lawsuits

Benzene Turtle Wax named in benzene exposure lawsuitsIn two unrelated lawsuits, Turtle Wax, Inc. is being sued over diseases allegedly caused by exposure to benzene contained in its products.

Matthew Eaton, an employee of Turtle Wax, filed a lawsuit claiming he developed acute Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) after long-term exposure to benzene in the wax, reports Madison-St. Clair Record. The lawsuit was filed on May 12 in the Madison County Circuit Court, claiming the company was responsible for his development of a life-threatening, benzene-related disease.

According to Eaton, he will now endure a lifetime of physical pain and mental suffering due to the disease and its required treatment. Because of the necessary medical care, Eaton claims he is now required to pay out large amounts of money.

The lawsuit claims Turtle Wax should have been aware of the toxic dangers of benzene exposure, and should have either used a substitute for the chemical, or warned of its risks.

Eaton seeks a trial by jury and compensatory damages of at least $50,000.

In an unrelated suit reported by Madison-St. Clair Record, the widower of a former bus driver for Roxana Public Schools also claims Turtle Wax, among other companies, is responsible for his wife’s multiple myeloma diagnosis allegedly caused by benzene exposure.

Duane Shirley, husband of decedent Theresa Shirley, filed a lawsuit on May 23 in the Madison County Circuit Court against Turtle wax and Rust-Oleum as well as other companies that allegedly use benzene in their products. The companies are accused of failing to warn of the dangerous risks of benzene exposure.

The lawsuit alleges Shirley was exposed to benzene not only from the chemical products, but also from the exhaust fumes on her job as a bus driver. Shirley was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009. On Nov. 20, 2016, she passed away as a result of the disease.

Benzene is a key ingredient in gasoline and is used in a wide variety of chemicals and products. Exposure to benzene has been linked to life-threatening diseases such as Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), lymphomas and anemia.