Hernia mesh maker Sued Over ‘Debilitating Pain’

hernia mesh Wikimedia Commons 375x198  Hernia mesh maker Sued Over Debilitating PainA Canadian woman is suing the maker of her hernia mesh device after she says she began experiencing debilitating pain, CTV News reports.

Two years ago, Naomi Leichner was surgically implanted with a PerFix mesh made by Bard to repair a hernia in her groin. She says she has since suffered agonizing pain at the surgery site and n her back, as well as multiple infections.

Her doctors blame the mesh.

Despite the constant agony Leichner says she endures, the doctors are unable to remove the mesh because of its close proximity to her femoral artery. Attempts to remove the hernia repair device could kill her.

“Since January it’s gotten worse to the point where I’m literally incapacitated some days. I can’t get out of bed, I can’t walk,” Leichner says. “Every day you feel like crying. There’s no way to even understand when someone says ‘I can’t help you.’”

Leichner told CTV News she was forced to quit work due to the extreme and unending pain, and she is unable to help support her family. She has now filed a class-action lawsuit against Bard, in an effort to hold the manufacturer responsible.

“We allege that Bard in respect to certain models of their mesh have not done the proper testing, have not been given very good designs and they are not passing on the warnings of the risks in using these mesh to doctors and ultimately patients,” Leichner’s attorney stated.

The PerFix Plug device, according to Bard’s website, is a “monofilament polypropylene design” with pleated edges.