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Third worker dies after power plant blast

TECO power plant explosion image courtesy ABC Action News 375x210 Third worker dies after power plant blastA third worker has died from the Big Bend power plant blast that originally killed two and injured four.

The TECO power plant located in Apollo Beach is one of the largest Florida power plants. Operated by Tampa Electric, it is the site of a deadly explosion that killed two workers after they were coated in slag, the waste product of molten metal.

Antonio Navarette, 21, was one of four additional workers who were hurt. Navarette, a contractor employed by Brace Industrial Group, has now died of his injuries at the Tampa General Hospital, The Bradenton Herald reports.

“Our heartfelt prayers and sympathy are extended to his family and friends as we keep our primary focus on supporting our employees and their families during this difficult time,” a representative of the plant said to Tampa Bay Times in a statement.

Navarette was attempting to unplug a tank full of slag to conduct routine maintenance when a burst of scorching slag exploded onto him and two other workers, Christopher Irvin of Tampa and Michael McCort of Riverview. Irvin and McCort were killed on site, while Navarette and three others were rushed to the hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries.

The other three injured workers are Armando J. Perez, 56, a contractor for Brace; Gary Marine Jr., 32, a contractor for Gaffin Industrial Services; and Frank Lee Jones, 55, who is also a contractor for Gaffin and is related to Marine by marriage.