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Fourth Worker Dies after Power Plant Explosion

TECO power plant explosion image courtesy ABC Action News 375x210 Fourth Worker Dies after Power Plant ExplosionA fourth worker died this weekend after being blasted by slag at the Big Bend TECO power plant near Tampa, Florida. The terrible accident happened on June 29, where six men were injured. Two of the workers died on site, and one more died of his injuries in the hospital last week.

The latest worker to die as a result of the explosion at the power plant is Frank Jones, 55, who had been an employee of Gaffin Industrial for 27 years. Gaffin was contracted by Tampa Electric (TECO) to clean a tank of molten metal known as “slag.” While Jones and five others, including his stepson, Gary Marine, Jr., were utilizing a water-blaster to unclog the tank, slag exploded onto the workers, injuring them.

Marine and another worker are still in the hospital, fighting for their lives.

“I hate that day,” Frank’s wife, Tracy Jones, told FOX 13. “I wish I can go back and beg him to stay home, but if I know Frank he would have got up and went to work anyway. He loved work.

“Do I think he died doing something he loved? Of course,” Mrs. Jones added. “But it doesn’t make it any better. That’s not going to bring him back. I wish I could have him back. I miss him.”

According to Mrs. Jones, her husband and son had just finished their shift when the incident happened.

“Right before he got off he called me and said, ‘Baby, I’m on my way home,'” Mrs. Jones said. “The next thing I heard was about some big blast and I said ‘No, not my husband. Not my son.'”

Not only are the surviving family members seeking answers, they’re also seeking a show of remorse and possibly responsibility.

“I need someone to tell me they’re sorry,” said a grief-stricken Mrs. Jones. “I want you to come to my home, I want you to  knock on my door and I want you to tell me you’re sorry, not only for my husband but also for my son.”