Diet pill pusher gets 18 months in prison

bathroom scale iStock CROPPED Diet pill pusher gets 18 months in prisonA Fort Myers, Florida, dietary supplement marketer received an 18-month prison sentence in federal court after pleading guilty for selling diet pills and supplements to boost attention deficit containing an illegal and potentially dangerous ingredient. The distributor Derek Vest also forfeited $2.5 million to federal officials he reportedly made selling Phen Tabz, Add Tabz and Phen Tabz Teen from April 2013 to November 2014. He also testified in other investigations as part of his plea deal.

The adulterated dietary supplements were made by Fort Myers-based Gentech Pharmaceuticals. Laboratory testing conducted on Phen Tabz, Add Tabz and Phen Tabz Teen detected hidden DMAA, a banned amphetamine derivative.

DMAA is often promoted as a natural stimulant, and is especially potent when combined with other ingredients including caffeine. The drug can elevate blood pressure leading to heart problems ranging from shortness of breath to heart attack, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports.

In 2012, the FDA issued warning letters to several companies selling dietary supplements containing DMAA and ordered them to recall the supplements and remove the illegal ingredient from their future offerings.

Following his prison term, Vest will also serve a year of supervised release as part of his plea deal.

Source: Wink News