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Ohio State Fair Ride Kills One, Injures Several More

Fire Ball carnival state fair amusement ride Wikimedia Commons 279x210 Ohio State Fair Ride Kills One, Injures Several MoreA ride at an Ohio State Fair malfunctioned, killing one person and seriously injuring several others.

When the Fire Ball ride at an Ohio State Fair malfunctioned, an entire car became detached from the swinging pendulum machine. NBC News reported that two people were ejected from the ride, one of whom was pronounced dead on the scene. Four people were seriously injured, and three were critically injured.

A full investigation has been ordered by Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is determined to find out exactly what went wrong.

“We will get to the bottom of this,” Kasich said at a press conference following the horrific event.

A YouTube video of the incident was posted, showing the disturbing moment that the car detached from the ride as bodies were sent flying. Tyler Jarrell, 18, was the person killed. He was on the ride with his girlfriend, and had just recently joined the marines.

“The ride was going as normal, and then all of a sudden you see people flying out, and then the guy hit the emergency stop button, which then made the seat fly off and people flew off as well,” said Britney Neal, who was waiting next in line to ride the Fire Ball with her sister, Kiley.

The sisters immediately called their mother, Kristy Neal, who was in a different part of the fair.

“I just ran towards the direction of the rides,” Kristy said, recalling her horror. “There were two state troopers beside me. I don’t know if they had even heard anything at that point and I said, ‘Something terrible has happened. I need to find my daughters.’”

Kiley, the younger of the two sisters, said they couldn’t sleep that night. After returning home, they “cried [their] eyes out,” and are “truly traumatized” from the experience.

Dr. David Evans, a surgeon at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center where three of the injured passengers were received, watched the video and told reporters that the footage “demonstrated that multiple passengers were ejected at high speed with high energy, many feet — at least 20 or 30, if not more — into the air and then crashed at a significant distance from the ride.”

According to fair organizers, more than 921,000 people attended the annual Ohio State Fair in 2016.