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Ohio Festival Ride Malfunction Injures Two Children

Fair ride mom and daughter Pixabay 315x210 Ohio Festival Ride Malfunction Injures Two ChildrenAn amusement ride malfunctioned at a Cleveland, Ohio-area festival, injuring two children whose ride car derailed Friday, August 11.

According to local authorities, the ride malfunction occurred at the North Ridgeville Corn Festival about 24 miles west of Cleveland. Five children were on a low-speed car track ride when one of the cars left its track and stopped abruptly.

News 5 Cleveland reports that two children were injured and an ambulance was required. The nature of the injuries was unknown but they were reportedly minor and no hospitalizations were necessary. The children were examined at the scene, treated, and released to their parents, according to the Associated Press.

The ride was closed down as a safety precaution. The Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Amusement Ride Safety sent inspectors to the festival to investigate.

One mother who attended the festival told Fox 8 Cleveland that she was with her daughter on the ride hours before the accident when it sparked and went off the track.

“About the first or second time it came fully around the track the one car sparked and tried to come off the track but he just slowed the ride down,” the woman told Fox 8.

She said she voiced her concern about the ride to the operator who assured her it would be shut down. Hours later, however, the ride was still going until one of the cars derailed and dealt the young passengers bumps, bruises, and bloody noses.

The North Ridgeville accident comes little more than two weeks after a horrific ride malfunction at the Ohio State Fair July 26 that killed 18-year-old Tyler Jarrell and severely injured seven others. That accident occurred on the Fire Ball ride, which broke apart as it was swinging just hours after it had been inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. An investigation found days later that excessive metal corrosion caused a row of seats to become detached when the ride was in motion.