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Construction Worker Crushed to Death by Steam Roller

steam roller Caterpillar Wikimedia Commons 280x210 Construction Worker Crushed to Death by Steam RollerA regular day on the job for a New Hampshire construction worker becomes fatal when he was crushed by a steam roller, NBC reports.

On the first Saturday in August, John Davis, 55, of Concord, was operating a steam roller when he lost control of the heavy machinery. The steam roller slid down the embankment and tumbled onto him, killing him.

According to Police Chief Benedict Liberatore, Davis was working for Louden-based FL Merrill Construction, which was contracted to pave the asphalt driveway of a house for sale. The steam roller was being used to compact the asphalt and smooth out the surface. While Davis was backing up the the machinery, he attempted to make a turn, lost control, and the steam roller toppled over onto him, WMUR reported.

The incident is currently being investigated by Webster Police Department, New Hampshire State Medical Examiner’s Office and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

“Anything we can do to help those in need of assistance based on this tragic incident, we’re more than happy to be there and we’re there for them,” Liberatore said.

According to OSHA’s Department of Labor Statistics, one in five worker fatalities in 2015 were construction-related. The most dangerous causes are referred to by OSHA as the “Fatal Four.” They include falls (38.8 percent of construction worker deaths), struck by object (9.6 percent of construction worker deaths), electrocutions (8.6 percent of construction worker deaths), and caught-in/between and killed by equipment (7.2 percent of construction worker deaths).

Thanks to proper safety equipment and practices, the number of worker deaths overall has decreased from 38 deaths per day in 1970 to 13 deaths per day in 2015.