Physiomesh Found to be Shredded Inside Woman’s Abdomen

physiomesh Physiomesh Found to be Shredded Inside Womans AbdomenA new lawsuit against Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson was filed after a woman’s Physiomesh shredded inside her body.

Jo Ann Lax of Lafe, Arkansas underwent a laparoscopic surgery to repair an umbilical hernia on Oct. 27, 2014. The surgeon, Dr. Robert Warner Jr., implanted Lax with Physiomesh 15×15 cm. in size. The mesh was designed to reinforce the tissue affected by the hernia, to allow Lax to return to life as normal.

When Lax began experiencing pain at the hernia site, it was determined that the hernia mesh must have failed. On May 28, 2015, Lax underwent an additional surgery to have the Physiomesh removed. During the procedure, it was discovered that the mesh had shredded.

“Plaintiff underwent a subsequent a removal surgery of the Physiomesh to remedy the failure of the implant,” the lawsuit states. “Specifically, the mesh had disconnected and torn, leaving fragmentation of the mesh into surrounding tissue.”

During the second procedure, Lax was implanted with a Covidien’s Symbotex mesh with hopes that the pain would end. However, the Symbotex mesh didn’t eliminate the pain, and may have perpetuated it. The Symbotex mesh presently remains in Lax’s abdomen.

“Plaintiff has experienced and continuous to experience pain in lower part of her stomach, sores on her stomach, blisters, stinging sensation around the area of surgery, and removal of her naval,” the lawsuit describes.

Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson are accused of negligence by making and selling a product that they knew, or should have known, was defective both by design and in manufacture. The medical device manufacturer is also accused of not warning doctors or patients of potential dangers. They’re also accused of downplaying the safety and efficacy concerns.