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Asiana Airlines, Dentist Settle Final SFO Crash Lawsuit

San Francisco plane crash ABC News image 435x244 Asiana Airlines, Dentist Settle Final SFO Crash LawsuitThe last pending lawsuit against Asiana Airlines over the deadly 2013 runway crash at San Francisco International Airport has been settled, an attorney for the plaintiff said.

According to the Associated Press, Kyung-Rhan Rha, a California dentist, reached a settlement with the Korea-based airline recently, her lawyer said. The case was the last lawsuit to be settled out of dozens filed by passengers and crewmembers that had been consolidated in a California federal court.

Details of the settlement have not been disclosed.

Dr. Kyung-Rhan and her daughter were among the 291 passengers on Asiana Flight 214 from South Korea. Federal aviation investigators determined that the airplane’s pilots botched the landing by mistakenly deactivating the airplane’s airspeed control and other missteps. The pilot errors caused the jet to approach the runway low and slow. The airplane’s wings clipped the runway seawall upon landing and sent the aircraft into a fiery tumble.

The crash killed two teenage girls and injured about 200 others. A third girl, 16, survived the crash but was killed when she was run over by a fire truck responding to the accident.

According to the AP, Dr. Kyung-Rhan claimed in her lawsuit that she and her daughter were “violently thrown” about the cabin. She alleges they suffered “mental and emotional injuries” on top of physical ones, requiring costly hospital and rehabilitation expenses.

She sought damages from Asiana Airlines for her crash injuries, which she claimed left her unable to properly hold and use the tools she needs to as a dentist specializing in the replacement of lost teeth.

Dr. Kyung-Rhan’s case was headed to trial, with opening statements scheduled for Monday, Sept. 25, the AP said. Her lawyers “planned to call a doctor to testify that he continues to treat her for chronic pain, numbness, weakness, headaches, dizziness and loss of range of motion, according to a witness list for the trial,” the AP reported.

Dr. Kyung-Rhan’s daughter, who was 14 when the crash occurred, reached a confidential settlement with Asiana Airlines months ago.