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Tractor-Trailer Collides with RV, Seriously Injuring One

RV motor home driving Yellowstone Vimeo image 375x210 Tractor Trailer Collides with RV, Seriously Injuring OneVermont State Police are investigating a crash involving a tractor-trailer that slammed into the back of an RV, seriously injuring one man on Monday, Oct. 11.

The crash occurred on I-91 South in Rockingham, Vermont, when a car that was traveling in front of the RV braked abruptly in a construction zone, causing the driver of the RV, identified as Albert Milite, 50, to hit the brakes.

According to, Mr. Milite attempted to avoid a collision with the car by entering the left lane prior to the merge.

Bernard Avery, 29, the diver of the tractor-trailer, responded by braking and moving onto the shoulder to avoid a collision with the RV. The tractor-trailer couldn’t fully clear the lane and the driver’s side collided with the back of the RV.

Vermont State Police said the tractor-trailer came to a stop in a ditch off the right side of the interstate and the damaged RV rolled to a stop in the left southbound lane, reported.

Authorities said a passenger in the RV, 38-year-old Jose Pagan, had been sleeping on a bed in the back of the vehicle when the crash occurred. The crash caused the back area where Mr. Pagan had been sleeping to be sheared off.

Mr. Pagan was seriously injured, reported, but the nature of his injuries was not disclosed. He was taken to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire for treatment.

Mr. Avery was taken to Springfield Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts with back pain.

Another passenger and several dogs who had been traveling in the RV were unharmed, myChamplainValley reported.