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Common Halloween Hazards, and How to Avoid Them

Halloweeen shutterstock 283016600 368x210 Common Halloween Hazards, and How to Avoid ThemHalloween is upon us, where hazards go hand-in-hand with delightfully frightening festivities. Although the eerie entertainment may seem innocent enough, dangers lurk in surprising places.

The State Department of Public Health is now issuing warnings regarding the risks of using decorative contact lenses. They are often referred to as “decorative” or “fashion” lenses, but the wearer is encouraged to consult an eye doctor before use to prevent injury.

“Advertised as color, cosmetic, fashion and theatrical contact lenses, decorative contact lenses are especially popular around Halloween,” says Dr. Karen Smith, State Public Health Officer. “Wearing any kind of contact lens, including decorative lenses, without proper consultation of an eye care professional can cause serious injury.”

According to Dr. Smith, the risks of such lenses include infection, ulcers, decreased vision, cuts or scratches to the surface of the eye, itchiness, or redness.

“If these conditions are left untreated,” said Dr. Smith, “the injuries can progress rapidly. In severe cases, blindness and eye loss can occur.”

Other creepy catastrophes include ill-fitting costumes that can lead to trip hazards.

Dr. Stephanie Sweet, Orthopedic Hand Surgeon from the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center, tells NBC10 that broken wrists from tripping and falling happens “not infrequently” at this time of year.

Hand injuries are also common around Halloween time. While carving pumpkins, lacerations and cuts are a risk as well as strain to the nerves and tendons that result in damage. Injuries to the flexor tendon or nerve injury on the bottom or top of the hand are common problems that Dr. Sweet sees often.

As you enjoy your ghoulish games, creepy celebrations and trick or treating, remember to stay safe.