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Nursing home patient showed gruesome signs of neglect

nursing home residents 280x210 Nursing home patient showed gruesome signs of neglectMemphis, Tennessee, police are investigating a nursing home after a resident was admitted to the hospital with high fever and gruesome signs of neglect. While under the care of staff at Ashton Place long-term care facility, hospital workers discovered five open wounds on different part of the man’s body, a bruise on his stomach, and severe dry skin that was flaking off his body. Maggots had also collected in wounds where his left foot and right leg had been previously amputated.

“Even the police got violently ill witnessing that,” the man’s daughter told WERG/News Channel 3. “I’ve been in the medical field for a while and this is one of the worst I’ve ever witnessed – and this is my father. It’s indicative he wasn’t getting basic care.”

The nurse in charge at Ashton Place told police that the patient had refused care.

Last year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) proposed a new rule that would deny reimbursements to nursing homes and long-term care facilities that did not stop forcing new residents to sign binding arbitration agreements. The contracts require nursing home residents and their family members to waive their Constitutional right to a trial by jury in the event of elder abuse, sexual harassment or wrongful death.

But the measure was put on hold by the nursing home industry, which argued that forced arbitration helps facilities keep legal costs down. But patient advocates say it robs elderly and vulnerable nursing home residents of their Constitutional rights.

WREG/News Channel 3
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