Science supports aloe vera root as aphrodisiac, alternative to ED drugs

aloe vera Pixabay 280x210 Science supports aloe vera root as aphrodisiac, alternative to ED drugsWith common treatments for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra and Cialis being linked to a deadly danger like increasing risk of aggressive skin cancer, melanoma, many men are looking for more natural, safer alternatives for improving their sexual health. They are looking for treatments with less side effects.

Some side effects of Viagra include rashes, hypotension, facial flushing, urinary tract infection. back pain, nasal congestion, blurred vision, suicidal tendencies, mental disorders and dilation of the blood vessels.

The Nigerian Tribune reports that researchers Joseph O. Erhabor and MacDonald Idu, both of the University of Benin, have just published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine the results of their study of the aphrodisiac effects of aloe vera root. The study explored potential use of the plant to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) naturally, without the use of drugs.

Both the leaf juice and the roots of the medicinal herb, Aloe barbadensis, are used to treat a variety of ailments. The juice is useful in treating stomach ulcers, some gynaecological problems, catarrh and healing wounds. The root, which is known in Nigeria to enhance libido, is not only used to cure impotency, but also used as a cure for constipation, as a purgative, appetite-stimulant, and for managing piles, asthma, cough and jaundice in ayurvedic formulation. The researchers focused their study on the plant’s alleged ability to increase libido.

“Using plants as aphrodisiac in treating sexual disorders is gaining ground every day. Many of the effective herbal aphrodisiacs are accessible and have slight or no side effects,” reported the Nigerian Tribune. “Although, there are conventional treatment options, but they have limited efficacy, hostile side effects and contraindications in some disease states.”

The researchers studied three groups of rats: a group fed with extracts of Aloe vera root and two control groups, one fed with Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) and the other with distilled water. For a two-week period they monitored sexual behaviors such as mounting and intromission frequencies; mounting, intromission and ejaculatory latencies that reflected vigour, libido and potency; as well as testosterone and cholesterol concentrations in the blood.

The results of the study were that although the effect of the extract of Aloe vera was less than the effect of the Viagra, there were significant sexual benefits. The extract increased mating frequency, intromission frequency, and prolonged ejaculatory latency. These results indicate enhanced performance, motivation and vigour. The observed aphrodisiac effect was linked to increase in blood testosterone, which was also noted by the researchers. Both the testosterone and cholesterol concentrations increased with increasing doses.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, “The researchers said that their findings gave a backing to the acclaimed local use of Aloe vera root as an aphrodisiac in males, adding that the extract was safe for use.”

The Nigerian Tribune
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