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Parents of Worker Killed At ExxonMobil Refinery File Lawsuit

exxon mobil logos 435x252 Parents of Worker Killed At ExxonMobil Refinery File LawsuitThe parents of a worker killed at the ExxonMobil refinery in Beaumont, Texas, have filed a lawsuit seeking compensation and damages from the companies whose negligence they allege caused the workplace fatality of their daughter.

Yesenia Espinoza, 31, was working as a pipefitter assistant at a construction project at the ExxonMobil plant Dec. 1 when she was struck by a piece of piping and killed, according to the Beaumont Enterprise.

Ms. Espinoza’s parents filed their lawsuit in Jefferson County court Dec. 4 against ExxonMobil, the construction and engineering firm Bechtel, and Echo Maintenance, the Port Arthur, Texas, company that employed Ms. Espinoza. They claim the companies “improperly rigged and handled” the pipe that hit Ms. Espinoza.

According to the Beaumont Enterprise, the complaint also accuses ExxonMobil of “failing to observe job safety” and “failing to properly follow proper safety monitoring and control practices.” Additionally, the lawsuit asserts that Echo Maintenance had been “instructing workers to perform activities at a location known to be unsafe” when Ms. Espinoza was killed.

Jefferson County Judge Donald Floyd issued a restraining order on Tuesday, prohibiting the defendant companies from modifying, altering, or disposing of “the facility or any of its component parts involved in the death of Yesenia Espinoza” while federal and state authorities investigate the accidental death.

The restraining order, which remains in place until Dec. 13 unless extended, “prevents the companies from moving or transporting any parts from the facility without permission from the court, and protects tools, machinery or clothing involved in Espinoza’s death, as well as records or photographs related to the incident,” the Beaumont Enterprise reported.

Ms. Espinoza’s parents seek compensation for their daughter’s medical care, burial and funeral expenses, and damages totaling more than $1 million. A relative of Ms. Espinoza has set up a fundraiser to help her family pay for the immediate expenses. Ms. Espinoza was a single mother of two young girls.