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Bad Driver Causes Tractor-Trailer To Plummet Off Texas Overpass

trucks on highway Bad Driver Causes Tractor Trailer To Plummet Off Texas OverpassA tractor-trailer that was struck by a careless driver plummeted off a highway overpass in Sugar Land, Texas, and landed on top of a Toyota sedan Jan. 11.

A spokesman for the Sugar Land Police Department told Houston’s KPRC Channel 2 that it’s a “miracle” nobody was seriously injured or killed in the crash.

According to KPRC, authorities said it was raining heavily when a gold-color SUV was spotted driving erratically and weaving in and out of lanes on Highway 59 southbound.  The SUV collided with the tractor-trailer, causing the tractor-trailer to crash into another car. The truck then hydroplaned, jackknifed, and struck the barrier before hurtling off the bridge onto University Boulevard.

Pictures and video of the crash scene show the tractor-trailer lying upside down on the road with a white Toyota car flattened underneath the trailer frame.

The woman inside the car said she was on her way to buy groceries when “the tractor-trailer fell out of the sky,” according to KPRC.

Nursing student Lori Lowery and her mother came upon the crash moments after it happened and stopped to help. Ms. Lowery, who crawled under the trailer and peeled part of it away from the Toyota, said the woman was trapped in the car because all the doors were jammed. Fortunately, a back-door window was open and the driver was able to crawl out through it.

“It’s a miracle these people are alive,” Doug Adolph, Sugar Land Police Department spokesman, told KPRC. “It is amazing that we are not dealing with something far more serious than what we have out here. People are blessed. Someone was looking over them today.”

Ms. Lowery said the driver was visibly shaken from the accident and had to throw up, but she was walking around. KPRC reported that the driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution and released.

According to ABC 13 Houston, the truck driver was able to get out of the truck after the crash. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Another driver whose car was partially hit by the falling tractor-trailer told ABC 13 that she’s fortunate her children weren’t with her.

“I have to count my blessings that my kids were not in the backseat,” Karan Singh said.

The crash remains under investigation. It’s not clear whether the driver that caused the crash will be charged.