Woman claims silver supplement turned her skin blue

silver supplement 280x210 Woman claims silver supplement turned her skin blueA South Dakota woman is suing Nevada-based Beneficial Solutions, maker of the silver-based dietary supplement NutraSilver, alleging the product turned her skin a grayish blue.

Sandra Chrans says she began using the NutraSilver supplement in 2011 to treat skin conditions. In 2016, she noticed that her face, neck, arms and hands started to turn blue-gray. In September of that year, she consulted with a plastic surgeon who advised her to immediately stop taking the supplement because the doctor believed it was causing her strange discoloration.

She was diagnosed with argyria, a condition caused by excessive exposure to chemical compounds of the element silver. Argyria is not treatable or reversible.

NutraSilver is “the most powerful major brand of colloidal silver in the world,” the supplement’s website contends. “Most of those common colloidal silver products don’t actually contain silver at all, but rather silver ions,” the website states. NutraSilver claims to be formulated with natural silver.

Colloidal silver was used decades ago to treat various a conditions, according to Chrans lawsuit. “The use was largely discontinued in the 1940s following the development of modern antibiotics. Since the 1990s, colloidal silver has again been marketed as an alternative medicine, often with extensive ‘cure-all’ claims.”

The Chrans’ lawsuit names Beneficial Solutions and its founder, Russell Altman, and seeks damages for serious personal injuries, physical pain, mental anguish, diminished enjoyment of life, and medical expenses.

Argus Leader