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Engine Fire Forces Delta Emergency Landing in ATL

Atlanta airport Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Delta Wikimedia Commons 375x188 Engine Fire Forces Delta Emergency Landing in ATLA Delta Air Lines jet bound for London made an emergency landing in Atlanta Wednesday evening with one of its engines on fire.

Delta Flight 30 had departed from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for London Heathrow just minutes earlier when it was forced to turn around with heavy smoke billowing from its engine. The Delta plane had been in the air just 20 minutes when the problem occurred.

The airplane, an Airbus A330, landed safely in Atlanta with no injuries. Firefighters were awaiting the returning jet and immediately doused the engine fire when it landed.

“Airport response vehicles met the aircraft upon arrival,” Delta said in a statement. “The airplane was towed to the gate, where customers deplaned through the jetway and will be accommodated on a different aircraft. The safety of our customers and crew is always our top priority and we apologize to our customers on this flight.”

There were no injuries to passenger or crew and the flight ultimately landed in London Thursday morning with a different aircraft.

The Delta incident adds further concern over what was already a harrowing day for many air travelers. Three major airlines, including Delta Flight 30, were forced to make emergency landings in a period of less than 18 hours.

The day before, a Southwest Airlines plane flying from New York City to Dallas made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after its left engine exploded and blasted a window open, killing one passenger and injuring seven others.

On Wednesday morning, Southwest Flight 577 to Phoenix returned to Nashville after striking a bird. The damaged plane made it safely back to the airport with no injuries less than an hour after taking off.