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Patio installer cited after employee dies from fall

worker on ladder 332x210 Patio installer cited after employee dies from fallL.I. Aluminum Design, Inc., a patio and pool installer and manufacturer based out of Naples, Florida has been cited by the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for its failure to adhere to safety regulations involving fall hazards, which resulted in the death of one of its employees.

The company is currently facing projected punitive damages of $40,096. The lack of effort put forth by the company to comply with safety regulations set by OSHA resulted directly in the tragic fatality of an employee, the agency asserted, and the worst part about it is that this could have absolutely been prevented.

After an employee who was installing patio screen enclosures died from a fall, OSHA opened an investigation and found that this incident could have been avoided. As the result of the investigation, L.I. Aluminum Inc. received four citations including failure to sufficiently train employees on fall hazards, failure to adequately train employees on the use of ladders, failure to provide proper fall protection to employees doing work at or above 10 feet high, and exposing workers to falls.

According to Condell Eastmond, OSHA Office Director for the Fort Lauderdale area, “This tragedy could have been avoided if the employer had ensured that workers were adequately trained and wearing appropriate fall safety equipment. Falls are preventable if required safety measures are implemented.”

It is really difficult to justify an employee’s death resulting from a fall in the workplace because, as Mr. Eastmond mentioned, falls are very preventable. When employees die from a fall on the job, which happens more often than it should, it is almost always the result of the lack of adherence to fall protection safety measures. Leaders of OSHA are very concerned by this lack of respect and adherence to fall protection procedures and are doing everything in their power to raise awareness of their importance.