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Overheated iPhone 7 Burns Virginia Teen’s Arm

smartphone app 315x210 Overheated iPhone 7 Burns Virginia Teen’s ArmA Virginia teen who fell asleep with her iPhone 7 next to her says the device overheated and burned a hole through the skin of her arm.

Eighteen-year-old Raele Manning-Moore told Norfolk, Virginia’s WAVY Channel 10 that the pain from the burn injury is the worst pain she’s ever felt.

“I’ve never been in that much pain ever,” Ms. Manning-Moore said.

She told WAVY that she believes the iPhone overheated while she was lying in bed with it next to her arm. The searing pain from the burn injury woke her up. She said the burn was so severe that the skin is gone in that area, forming a hole about the size of a half dollar.

The pain has been so intense for Ms. Manning-Moore that she tells WJBF she “could not stop crying.”

According to WJBF, Ms. Manning-Moore took her iPhone 7 to an Apple store two weeks ago. The staff there told her they would look at it.

“They wanted to see what happened with the phone, like what caused it, stuff like that,” Ms. Manning-Moore told WAVY. Apple asked if she was using a factory charger at the time and she confirmed she was.

Ms. Manning-Moore isn’t the only person to report overheating iPhone 7s. Several thousand people on Apple’s community forum claim their iPhone 7 gets extremely hot while charging and even during normal use, despite the recommendations Apple offers to solve the problem.

“When I’m on a phone call it heats up really quickly. Sometimes it heats up when I’m not even doing anything. This is very frustrating because the battery drains very quickly and it angers me because this phone is $700 but keeps overheating,” one iPhone 7 user posted to the forum.

Others say their iPhone 7 overheats while charging, using the mobile hotspot, restoring from iPhone, and using various apps. Many consumers say their iPhone 7 battery drains extremely fast and gets uncomfortably hot no matter what they do to try to fix the problem.

Last year, an Australian woman suffered second-degree burns to her arm after falling asleep while watching a movie and charging her iPhone 7 next to her.

Tech blog BGR says it’s likely the overheating smartphone burned the woman’s arm because the heat of the device couldn’t dissipate while it was covered by the woman’s arm.