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Miami Beach Apartment Settles Negligent Security Case For $3 Million

security negligent security police line 315x210 Miami Beach Apartment Settles Negligent Security Case For $3 MillionA Miami man who sued the owner of a North Miami Beach apartment complex for negligent security after he was shot multiple times on the property has reached a $3 million settlement.

According to the Daily Business Review, Dennis Gore was visiting his mother’s apartment with a friend one night after work in May 2014. After watching a playoff basketball game there, Mr. Gore and his friend left to go to Walgreen’s after the game. While walking to the car, Mr. Gore realized he left his wallet in the apartment and ran back inside to retrieve it.

While making his way back down the stairwell with his wallet, a stranger he passed shouted “hey” and pointed a gun at him. Another man grabbed Mr. Gore, who broke free but was shot multiple times as he ran. One of the bullets fractured his hip and another caused a serious grade-5 kidney injury, essentially exploding the organ, one of his lawyers told the Daily Business Review.

Mr. Gore sued C&F Properties, also known as Suncoast Place Apartments, and United Property Management, arguing they provided severely inadequate security. His complaint alleged that Suncoast Place employees should have been able to foresee and prevent such an attack, given the building is in a high-crime area of North Miami Beach.

“Suncoast was in a superior position to appreciate such dangers and take necessary steps to prevent harm to its tenants and invitees,” the negligent security complaint alleged, according to the Daily Business Review.

Mr. Gore’s lawyers argued that the apartment complex is laid out in a way that makes it easy to secure, with one way in and one way out for residents. However, the apartment complex’s vehicular gate for the interior parking was constantly broken and the emergency exit door through which the criminals who attacked Mr. Gore accessed the property was consistently broken and propped open, allowing anyone from the street to gain access to the stairwell.

Moreover, numerous resident complaints about the lax security measures, disrepair, and crime went ignored and sent a signal to outsiders that the building’s residents were an easy target, Mr. Gore’s lawyers argued.

According to the Daily Business Review, Mr. Gore’s negligent security complaint was settled with the defendants days after the plaintiff’s lawyers submitted a list of experts to be deposed.