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Two injured after tractor-trailer crashes into VT home

truck crash into home Vermont image by Jim Warren via WCAX news 373x210 Two injured after tractor trailer crashes into VT homeThe sounds of a tractor-trailer’s wheels screeching down Route 100 in Ludlow, Vermont, first alerted resident Karen Freeman that something was amiss. Then came the loud “boom!”

“When I looked out it was just a cloud of smoke. It was a loud explosion,” she told WCAX. The truck, which had reportedly lost its brakes coming down a hill, flipped onto its side and careened into a house, sending wooden pallets it was delivering to a nearby farm into the home. “People just showed up out of nowhere,” she said. “Cars behind the truck, climbing out of their cars, racing to the house. Tons of people just ran inside the house to help evacuate the people inside.”

The driver of the truck was injured, and a girl inside the house suffered lacerations and a possible broken wrist. Both were taken to an area hospital. Four other people inside the home were OK, said Ludlow Police Chief Jeffrey Billings.

The accident cut a large, visible hole into the house and shut down Route 100 into the night as crews worked to clear the area and prevent the truck from leaking fuel.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but police officials say that stretch of Route 100 is dicey. At least two other tractor-trailers crashes that heavily damaged homes have occurred in the area in the past decade. “Utter shock goes through my mind. This continuously happens here,” Freeman says. “I truly believe this place is cursed.”

Source: WCAX