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Pirate Ship Ride Malfunction Sickens Several at Pennsylvania Amusement Park

fair ride pirate ship ride amusement park Pirate Ship Ride Malfunction Sickens Several at Pennsylvania Amusement ParkRiders on a swinging pirate ship ride at a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, amusement park got a little seasick after a malfunction left the ride in motion for several minutes, with no way for the captive passengers to escape.

The pirate ship ride malfunction occurred at Kennywood Park, about 10 miles southeast of downtown Pittsburgh, where a number of other ride problems have occurred this month, various sources say.

According to the Associated Press, the 35-year-old pirate ship ride continued to swing like a pendulum when its brakes failed. Park employees were able to engage a secondary brake system after about 10 minutes.

Pittsburgh’s WPXI Channel 11 reported that one of the components in the ride’s drive motor, which was recently replaced, malfunctioned and caused the ride to keep swinging.

WPXI also reported that the same pirate ship ride was shut down in December after it continued to swing longer than intended. The ride is supposed to last two minutes, but one passenger told Pittsburgh’s KDKA Channel 2 that they were on the ride for “at least 15 minutes.”

None of the passengers was injured, but several told reporters they wouldn’t ride the pirate ship again.

“I was terrified. My kids are crying. There was people behind us panicking. There was a guy in front of us, he was ready to get sick,” one rider who wished to remain anonymous told Pittsburgh’s KDKA Channel 2.

Another rider claimed to have passed out, according to WPXI.

After the pirate ship ride failed on Aug. 1, the rider safety system forced the Phantom Revenge roller coaster at Kennywood to stop for three minutes on Aug. 6. A picture published by WPXI shows a man in a red shirt walking up the side of the roller coaster to inspect the ride, likely adding to the terror the passengers felt when the ride resumed.

Kennywood’s “Journey with Thomas” train ride also derailed twice in between the pirate ship and roller coaster malfunctions, WPXI reported. The malfunctions prompted the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, which is charged with regulating amusement rides, to send inspectors to check the rides in the amusement park.