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Toddler Suffers Burn Injuries From Pressure Cooker Accident

Recall pressure cooker Breville 190x210 Toddler Suffers Burn Injuries From Pressure Cooker AccidentAn Idaho toddler is recovering from severe burn injuries he suffered when the contents of a pressure cooker erupted, showering him with scalding hot liquid and food.

Two-year-old Chayse Bodily was in the kitchen with his mother Angela Bodily the evening of Sept. 9 as she was about to put the finishing touches on Sunday dinner. She told the Twin Falls Times-News that she released the pressure from the pressure cooker and removed the lid to add some potatoes to a roast that was nearly done. Without warning, a bubble that was trapped under the roast shot the contents to the ceiling, covering Chayse and his mother with boiling hot food and liquid.

But while Ms. Bodily’s adult skin only blistered in areas, Chayse’s delicate baby skin started to fall off in patches from his head, face, and upper body.

Ms. Chayse told the Times-News that she could see Chayse’s “skin coming off.”

“The scariest thing you’ll ever see is the skin rolling off your baby’s body.”

Ms. Chayse and her husband Travis Bodily tended to their son’s injuries with cold water before they rushed him to the hospital, where doctors decided to fly Chayse and Ms. Bodily to the University of Utah Burn Center in Salt Lake City by helicopter. But just five minutes into the flight, the helicopter struck a bird and had to return to Burley, Idaho. The boy was then flown by airplane to the burn center.

At the burn center, doctors washed Chayse and shaved his head to assess the extent of his burn injuries.

According to the Times-News, Chayse spent nearly two weeks at the Burn Center in Utah. He sustained second-degree burn injuries on more than 14 percent of his body.

Ms. Bodily had to take a leave of absence at her job as a deli clerk at a Burley store and Travis Bodily started working nights and weekends so he could help care for Chayse and take him to his doctor appointments. Ms. Bodily’s sister from Wisconsin is also staying with the family to help out.

Chayse’s burn injuries are healing, but he still undergoes lots of physical therapy to prevent his scar tissue from tightening and restricting his mobility. The Bodilys also have to change the dressings on Chayse’s burn injuries – an extremely painful process that the family says is a challenge. Doctors are not certain if Chayse will need skin grafts on some of his burn injuries.

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