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TSA official promoted a month after sexual misconduct claims settled

sexual harassment man and woman photo by army dot mil 316x210 TSA official promoted a month after sexual misconduct claims settledA 2014 federal lawsuit and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Complaint involving scathing reports of sexual misconduct and physical assault by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official were settled with taxpayer money just one month before he was promoted to a top position within the agency, according to The Daily Beast.

Former police officer and air-marshal supervisor Sonya Labosco aired her complaints last month to Fox46 about her claims in the federal complaint alleging branch manager Charles “Chas” Cook put his hand over his penis and told her he had “eight inches of c—k” for her whenever she wanted it. She also claims he tried to forcibly kiss her.

The incident reportedly happened in May 2009, at a dinner party hosted by another TSA worker. At the time, both Labosco and Cook were stationed in Orlando, Florida. Labosco claims Cook called her into the kitchen and implied that he could further her career if she provided sexual favors. That was when he reportedly “held his hands over his erection in his pants,” Labosco said. Her husband witnessed the entire thing.

Labosco later reported the incident to her supervisors and Cook was reprimanded by letter over his use of language, according to the complaint. From then on, Labosco claims Cook started to discriminate against her in the workplace, spoke to her harshly, and ultimately demoted her.

TSA told Fox46 that it investigated Labosco’s claims and said they “were determined to be unsupported.” The parties resolved the lawsuit “without any finding of fault or liability,” according to the 2014 court settlement.

The investigation was concluded and, a month later, Cook was promoted.

Source: Daily Beast