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Family considers legal action after finding hidden camera in cruise ship cabin

cruise ship WIKI Family considers legal action after finding hidden camera in cruise ship cabinA family aboard a Carnival Cruise ship that allegedly found a camera hidden in their stateroom is considering filing a lawsuit against the cruise line for not taking the matter seriously enough or even offering an apology.

“We weren’t trying to get anything out of it. We weren’t expecting a free cruise or money,” Chris White told Fox News. “My concern is that there is video of (my son) online now. And I’ll never know.”

White and his family were on a five-day Carnival Voyage cruise from Mobile, Alabama to Mexico when on day two he suffered an allergy attack. Assuming dust was the culprit, he moved the TV to inspect for dust and discovered a strange device that resembled a camera with the lens – still warm to the touch – pointed at the bed. He took photos of the device and then contacted ship security.

An officer was sent to the family’s cabin to inspect and dismantle the camera. He allegedly downplayed the severity of the incident, telling the family that the camera appeared not to be working and that it was likely left behind by a recent guest. White noted that the camera, like the rest of the back of the TV, was covered in dust. Later, a ship ambassador told White that the device wasn’t a camera at all.

But the Whites were skeptical of the ambassador’s findings, and even more concerned that the ship’s staff may have compromised the evidence by handling the device without gloves. “When something like that is found, you are supposed to collect the evidence and secure the room. And the FBI is supposed to board the ship to investigate,” White told Fox News. “None of that was done”

White said his family wouldn’t have come forward with the information had the cruise line handled the issue professionally and offered them an apology. Instead, Carnival offered a statement that the camera that was found was “non-operational” and that the cruise line had conducted a “full investigation” and notified U.S. law enforcement including the FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and local police in Mobile.

White said he contacted the FBI on his own and that the agency said it wasn’t aware of the incident.

Source: Fox News