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6-year-old undergoes emergency surgery after swallowing fidget toy

fidget spinner Wikipedia 6 year old undergoes emergency surgery after swallowing fidget toySix-year-old Mikah Arvidson didn’t want his older brother to catch him playing with his spinning fidget toy, so he popped it in his mouth. When he accidentally swallowed the toy, he didn’t think to tell anyone, not even his parents. When he started complaining of awful stomach cramps and started vomiting, his parents assumed he had a stomach bug. But inside his body, the 14 magnets that were a part of the toy became lodged in his intestines.

Three days later, Mikah wasn’t getting any better. His parents, Blake and Aubrey, took him to Utah’s Primary Children’s Hospital thinking he needed treatment for dehydration after days of his presumed stomach bug. Doctors ordered an X-ray and discovered he had swallowed the toy. Mikah was rushed into surgery where doctors removed the magnets along with his appendix.

But that wasn’t the end of Mikah’s medical issues. His fever wasn’t breaking and his intestines weren’t acting properly. Bile was leaking from his bowels, a sign he needed more surgery to save his life. A third procedure was ordered to clean out an infection and drain fluids building up inside his body. Now, more than two weeks into his ordeal, he seems to be on the mend.

Mikah told his mother he wished he could turn back time and ask his brother if it would be OK for him to play with his fidget toy rather than try to conceal it in his mouth, causing him to accidentally swallow it.

Fidget toys have been a source of controversy over the years with many of them ending up inside the tummies of younger kids. Many schools have since banned them for being choking hazards. In Germany, 38 tons of the spinning devices were destroyed due to safety concerns.

Source: Fox News