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High school student killed on second day on the job

Forklift shutterstock 564654088 314x210 High school student killed on second day on the jobHigh school senior Grant Oakley was excited to start his first part-time job at a farm supply business conveniently located across the street from his family’s farmhouse near Lancaster, Kentucky. But his second day on the job in 2015 ended in tragedy when he hopped a ride on a forklift driven by another employee and ended up underneath the back wheel of the forklift, his chest and neck crushed by the six-ton piece of equipment.

After the accident, another employee ran to the Oakley’s home and told his parents, Mike and Pam Oakley, “Grant’s hurt.” His parents got to their son just before a medical helicopter arrived to fly Grant to the hospital. He died later that evening.

Kentucky’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (KY OSH) investigated the incident, which occurred at Bluegrass Agricultural Distributors. The Oakleys say the investigator’s handwritten notes were incomplete and that he didn’t interview any witnesses. Instead of resolving questions for Grant’s family, it raised even more.

“They closed his case so fast,” Mike Oakley told WOUB radio.

The family hired an attorney who presented his findings to a grand jury. But, the family attorney said, because the KY OSH investigator’s notes were so illegible and his investigation so limited, the grand jury didn’t have enough information to issue any indictments. The attorney wrote a letter to OSHA about KY OSH’s lax investigation into Grant Oakley’s death.

“Unfortunately,” he said, “I am sure many criminal actions have gone unprosecuted as a result” of poor investigations by KY OSH.

Source: WOUB Digital