First Lady calls opioid epidemic ‘worst drug crisis’ in U.S. history

Melania Trump official portrait 140x210 First Lady calls opioid epidemic worst drug crisis in U.S. historyFirst Lady Melania Trump has adopted opioid addiction as a signature FLOTUS cause and says she wants to lift the “stigma of shame” from addiction. She aims to generate more public discussion about the crisis so more people who are addicted to the powerful painkillers can get help.

Trump spoke at a town hall-type gathering on addiction at Liberty University in southwestern Virginia along with ex-Fox News’ Eric Bolling, Demi Lovato’s mother Dianna Hart, and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, where she called the opioid epidemic the “worst drug crisis in American history.”

During her nine-minute speech, Trump urged students not to be afraid to talk to others about opioids. “I believe in the power of you. If even one of you leaves here today and talks to a friend or family member about the potential to end this crisis, then we have succeeded,” she said. “I also believe you have the capacity to not think of this in terms of statistics, but to think of this as a human story and an opportunity to save lives. I believe in your unending potential to change our world for the better.”

President Trump has called the opioid crisis a national health emergency, killing more than 130 people every day. The first lady has supported her husband on this effort, appearing alongside her husband when he signed legislation aimed at curbing the devastating trend of opioid addiction and overdose. She has also appeared at hospitals and clinics where babies born addicted to drugs were treated, and made opioid addiction a key part of her “Be Best” initiative designed to improve the wellbeing of children.

Source: USA Today