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ACS Translator May Sue NYC over House Call Stabbing Attack

New York Brooklyn Pixabay 315x210 ACS Translator May Sue NYC over House Call Stabbing AttackA translator who was nearly stabbed to death on a New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) house call may file a personal injury lawsuit alleging the social worker she accompanied repeatedly stoked a tense situation until it turned violent.

Anna Yuen, who translates Cantonese for Accurate Communication Inc., went to the home of Feng Quanyi, 61, in the Sunset Park district of Brooklyn Nov. 8 with an ACS social worker who was checking on the wellbeing of Quanyi’s two grandchildren following a report of neglect.

Ms. Yuen and the ACS employee were following up with the family from a visit three days prior in which the grandchildren said that their grandfather hits them with a shoe. According to the New York Daily News, the ACS social worker was pressing the mother of the children, who works long hours every night, on the nature of her work. The woman refused to answer the social worker’s questions.

The mother also refused the social worker’s request to provide the children with bunk beds and closets, prompting the social worker to tell the woman, “I don’t care what you want. Your house is a hoarder’s house.” The mother ordered the ACS employee and Ms. Yuen to get out of her house.

But instead of complying, Ms. Yuen says the social worker argued even over Ms. Yuen’s protests, and called 911 in the presence of the family. She said Quanyi was pointing at her and screaming at her.

“I told the social worker, let’s go. I was so frightened, I dropped my work binder. I didn’t even pick it up,” Ms. Yuen told the New York Daily News. “I just wanted to leave.”

She said that the social worker calling 911 triggered the mother, turning her into a “savage beast.” She blocked Ms. Yuen and the ACS worker from exiting while the grandfather attacked, stabbing Ms. Yuen in the back. Ms. Yuen suffered a ruptured spleen and colon in the attack.

A lawyer representing Ms. Yuen told the New York Daily News that “if no one steps up, we’re going to take the proper legal measures and make sure they do what the law says they’re obligated to do.”

Ms. Yuen said that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s staff offered her “bulls—t well wishes” but no material support as she fought for her life in NYU Langone Hospital Brooklyn. She is considering taking legal action against the city and Accurate Communications over the attack.