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Construction Worker Undergoes Leg Amputation After Work Site Accident

worker safety equipment 375x210 Construction Worker Undergoes Leg Amputation After Work Site AccidentA construction worker who underwent an amputation of his leg after it was crushed on the job at a Pennsylvania amusement park job site has settled a personal injury complaint for $2.75 million.

Plaintiff Anthony Dos Santos, who was 23 at the time of the 2014 accident, sued WhiteWater West Industries, a company that specializes in water park construction. WhiteWater had been contracted by the Dorney Park amusement park in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to construct and install a waterslide complex.

WhiteWater subcontracted Mr. Dos Santos’ employer, KP Construction, to complete part of the job. According to a court memo, Mr. Dos Santos was part of a three-man crew transporting and positioning heavy metal beams in the park.

One of the workers, operating a forklift to haul a 40-foot steel beam, stopped to let another vehicle pass. The resulting movement of the beam caused Mr. Dos Santos to become pulled in front of the forklift, at which point the operator let his foot off the brake and ran over Mr. Dos Santos’ foot and leg.

Mr. Dos Santos was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital where surgeons had to amputate his leg below the knee. He underwent several additional surgeries, including procedures to remove dead tissue and to help him get fitted with a prosthesis. His also suffered complications stemming from his leg injury, including infections and phantom pains.

“There was a much safer way to transport columns through the park, one that would not have presented hazards,” Mr. Dos Santos’ lawyer said in a media statement, according to The Legal Intelligencer. “Unfortunately, there also was not a supervisor on-site, as required by the contract, and the crew was understaffed,” he added, indicating the accident wouldn’t have happened had the employers followed safety rules.

Mr. Dos Santos also sued Dorney Park’s parent company over the construction site injury and subsequent amputation but it was released from the lawsuit on summary judgment, The Legal Intelligencer reported.