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Cruise turned tragic for honeymooning couple

cruise ship WIKI Cruise turned tragic for honeymooning coupleShir Frenkel and Igal Tyszman wanted to make the most out of their Royal Caribbean honeymoon cruise. After boarding the ship in Miami, they booked a zip lining excursion through Royal Caribbean during a stop at the port in Roatan, Honduras. But the adventure turned tragic when a zip lining accident left Frenkel a widow with serious injuries.

Frenkel filed a lawsuit late last month in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida Miami Division, alleging Royal Caribbean is to blame. She also sued the zip line operator.

Frenkel says Royal Caribbean is responsible for her husband’s death and her injuries because she and her husband believed the zip lining experience was a Royal Caribbean excursion and, as a result, they trusted the cruise line would “adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry and would be appropriately vetted initially and on an ongoing basis,” Frenkel’s lawsuit states. They were obviously negligent, she claims.

The accident was horrific. Frenkel went out on the zip line before her husband, but didn’t finish her ride before her husband zipped in behind her. The two collided on the line. That day, Tyszman was pronounced dead. Frenkel sustained serious injuries including several fractured ribs, a fracture to her spleen, left pleural effusion, left pulmonary contusion, multiple traverse fractures, renal lacerations and renal capsular hematoma, according to the Florida Record.

Frenkel claims that Royal Caribbean was negligent, citing that the company had been made aware of nearly a dozen other incidents that happened during the zip line adventure that resulted in lawsuits. Thus, the cruise line must have been aware that the excursion posed risks, she claims.

Source: Florida Record