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App gives ‘safe place’ for employees to report sexual harassment

smartphone app 315x210 App gives safe place for employees to report sexual harassmentThe #MeToo movement has spawned a mobile app that helps employees document workplace sexual harassment and gives them options when it comes to reporting these incidents to their human resources departments.

Vault uses blockchain technology that gives employees a safe space to record harassment. The evidence is stored in a private “vault.” At any time, the worker can choose if or when to send that information directly to his or her HR department.

“Think about this like a digital diary or journal that you may have,” says Neta Meidav, CEO of Vault. “If you’ve experienced sexual harassment you can create a safe record of what happened to you and lock it in. That’s your private vault.”

Workers who decide to report their accounts of sexual harassment to their HR departments can either issue individual reports, or choose to “go together,” Meidav says. When someone opts to “go together,” the platform performs a search of other complaints against the same person. If there are others, the reports are sent to HR. If there are no other complaints about the same individual, then Vault stores the employee’s complaint until another employee sends a complaint through Vault about the same person.

Vault also arms human resources departments with data analytics so they can have a better idea of their workplace’s culture, honing in on specific issues such as bullying, discrimination or harassment. Stats are also broken down into specific regions or departments to help HR departments better target training or other interventions.

“Effectively what we’re getting at is this will become a new employer benchmark which will show you how you are performing in culture and diversity,” Meidav says.

Vault is currently being tested through a pilot program, but will become available in the United States in March.

Source: Benefit News