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E-Cigarette Explosion in Canadian Man’s Mouth Triggers Lawsuit

vaping e cigarette man vaping shutterstock 311126057 303x210 E Cigarette Explosion in Canadian Man’s Mouth Triggers LawsuitE-cigarettes have exploded in popularity since they first hit the market in the mid-2000s, and they continue to literally explode in the hands, mouths, pockets, and purses of unfortunate e-cig users everywhere, causing serious injury and property damage.

The Vancouver Sun reports that Shelby Hare, a resident of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, is suing the two local e-cigarette retailers and two international manufacturing and distribution companies after his e-cigarette exploded in his mouth on Dec. 30, 2016.

Mr. Hare alleged that a defect in his e-cigarette caused the blast, leaving him with severe injuries that included a broken jaw, shattered teeth, burn injuries to his face and legs, and fractured fingers. He says the extensive injuries were the result of the e-cigarette showering him with burning debris after it exploded in his mouth.

“As a result of the explosion and the negligence of the defendants, the plaintiff has suffered and continues to suffer pain, discomfort, loss of enjoyment of life, depression, anxiety, emotional upset and mental injury,” his lawsuit alleges, according to the Vancouver Sun. “As a result of the explosion and negligence of the defendants, the plaintiff has undergone and continues to undergo medical care and has sustained and continues to sustain certain special damages and expenses.”

Mr. Hare received the e-cigarette as a gift from a friend, who purchased the device at a store in Kamloops, BC, called EZ Vape. He eventually bought a replacement battery for it at a Burnaby e-cig shop called Burnaby Vapor.

He alleges he bought the battery on the e-cigarette shop employee’s expertise and judgment. He says the shop knew or should have known that the e-cigarette contained a “latent defect,” which could cause injury and damage in the absence of reasonable care, according to the Vancouver Sun.

He seeks general and special damages for his injuries from EZ Vape and Burnaby Vapor, as well as Shenzhen Eigate Technology Co. Ltd. and Pacific Smoke International Inc.