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Lion Air co-pilot’s family sues Boeing over ‘avoidable tragedy’

plane crash Lion Air Boeing 737 Jakarta Wikimedia Commons 280x210 Lion Air co pilots family sues Boeing over avoidable tragedyThe family of the co-pilot of Lion Air Flight 610 that plunged into the Java Sea between the Indonesian Islands in October killing all 189 people on board, is suing Boeing in Illinois state court. The lawsuit alleges the Boeing 737 Max 8’s sensors were defective and caused the plane to crash, according to Law360.

The plane was new and had been delivered to Lion Air in Indonesia in August. On Oct. 29, 2018, not long before takeoff, the pilot radioed air control and requested permission to return to the airport because he was having difficulty controlling the aircraft. Ten minutes later, the plane crashed into the sea.

Fahrida Kurniawati, wife of the co-pilot referred to only as Harvino, claims that the plane’s defective design allowed misinformation to be sent to the sensors, which sent the plane into a nosedive that the pilot could not pull out of. Boeing is liable because it failed to warn pilots about this defect in the control system that can cause newer models of the plane to take unexpected nosedives, the suit alleges.

In November, the family of Lion Air Flight 610 passenger Rio Nanda Pratama filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Boeing. Pratama, an Indonesian doctor, was traveling home from a conference to marry his fiancé when he was killed in the plane crash.

In his lawsuit, Pratama’s father, H. Irianto, said the accident was an avoidable tragedy, and that days after the crash, the FAA issued a directive for Boeing 737 model planes regarding mandatory warnings and instructions about the control system defect. Irianto claims that Boeing never warned pilots of these potential hazards.

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