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Serious Burn Injuries Can Be Caused By Friction

sunburn blisters wikimedia commons 280x210 Serious Burn Injuries Can Be Caused By FrictionAccording to the American Burn Association, U.S. hospitals treat about 468,000 people for burn injuries every year. And, while fire, scald, and chemical burns account for most of the burn injuries doctors treat annually, there are other, lesser known sources of serious burns.

Take, for instance, Aly Vendoza, a 5-year-old California girl who suffered second-degree burns on her leg from a treadmill.

According to KGET, Aly, a resident of Bakersfield, California, was seriously burned when she became trapped between a moving treadmill and a wall. The friction of the treadmill belt on her leg caused her burn injuries.

Aly’s mother told WGET that the family initially treated the girl’s injury at home, but when they realized the amount of dead skin and debris that had to be removed, they knew it was beyond their ability to adequately treat the burn.

Aly was admitted to Grossman Burn Center’s facility in Bakersfield. She underwent two surgeries there and spent 10 days in the hospital.

“As far as a treadmill goes, you never realize how dangerous they are until you’ve seen third-degree or second-degree burns,” Aly’s mother told KGET.  The Bakersfield news station is holding a fundraiser for the Kern County Firefighters Burn Survivor Trust, the Bakersfield Firefighters Burn Foundation, and other organizations that help area residents coping with serious burn injuries.

That event is one of several events around the country organized by individuals and groups working to raise awareness of burn injuries during National Burn Awareness Week, Feb. 3-9.