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Minor Burns Are Effectively Treated with Cannabis Topicals, Studies Show

medical marijuana 280x210 Minor Burns Are Effectively Treated with Cannabis Topicals, Studies ShowBurns are one of the most common injuries in the kitchen and there is a massive yet still growing body of research providing evidence that cannabis-based topical treatments can provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, fight infection, and promote healing to minor burns.

According to Colorado-based medicinal cannabis advocate and entrepreneur Dahlia Mertens, every home and restaurant kitchen should include topical cannabis lotions, balms, or salves as part of their first-aid kit. These non-intoxicating lotions, derived from the marijuana plant, can be highly effective in treating painful scald burns and other thermal burns that don’t require hospital treatment, she says.

According to Ms. Mertens, a sweeping government analysis of some 10,000 cannabis studies conducted over the last two decades provides conclusive evidence that cannabinoids, the chemicals extracted from the cannabis plant, have analgesic properties that alleviate pain and suppress the body’s inflammatory response.

Research also demonstrates that cannabinoids have antibiotic properties as well, so topical cannabis treatments can effectively fight infections, which are one of the major risks of any burn injury. According to Ms. Merten, a study jointly conducted by Italian and British researchers found that five different cannabinoids were all effective in killing six different strains of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) – the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can cause deadly staph infections.

“Cannabis topicals allow for direct targeting of the afflicted area, as opposed to waiting for cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream and reach the receptors at the site of the injury,” Ms. Merten explains. “Also, cannabis topicals do not get you high and won’t cause you to fail a drug test, so kitchen workers can use them for relief without ending up stoned at work.”