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Israeli Burn Care Device Treats Wound Without Physical Contact

burn injury wound 375x210 Israeli Burn Care Device Treats Wound Without Physical ContactAny burn injury survivor will tell you that the treatment of serious burns is an excruciating process, especially when it comes to dressing the wound – a procedure that usually must be repeated daily.

But an Israeli nanotechnology company aims to provide more burn patients with needed relief with its new breakthrough medical device that treats burns without ever touching the patient.

Nanomedic Technologies Ltd, based in the Tel Aviv area, says its SpinCare device spares patients the intense and traumatic pain of dressing changes by covering the burn with an advanced polymer solution that stays on the wound and helps it heal.

This protective layer is applied to the wound from a distance of about 20 cm/7-8 in, so all the patient feels is a sensation of a gentle breeze on the burn.

“The unique aspect of our device is that we manufacture on-site a transient skin layer, a protective layer that remains on the wound throughout the healing process,” Dr. Chen Barak, CEO of Nanomedic, told Israeli news site NoCamels. “The polymer solution we use is proprietary, with characteristics specific to the treatment for the wound.”

Once the protective polymer layer is applied, it remains on the burn for the rest of the healing process, Dr. Barak told NoCamels. In addition to serious burns, the treatment can also be used on surgical wounds, large opened and partial deep wounds, and dermal diseases. Once in place, the layer protects the wound and allows a new skin to develop.

The SpinCare device is being used in some Israeli and European hospitals and will be available for wider commercial use later in 2019. The company is also seeking U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

NoCamels notes that the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks burn injuries as one of the leading causes of unintentional death and injury in the world.

In Israel, the United States, and Canada, Feb. 3-9 is recognized as National Burn Awareness Week.