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QVC Warns of Trivet Magnets After Child’s Brush With Death

magnets swallow injury Copper Chef QVC 373x210 QVC Warns of Trivet Magnets After Childs Brush With DeathThe television shopping network QVC is warning customers who purchased a Copper Chef cookware set about a silicone trivet containing powerful magnets that could be deadly if swallowed.

The QVC warning comes after 3-year-old Monty Trias of Watertown, South Dakota nearly died after ingesting the high-powered magnets.

Monty’s mother Emily Trias told Sioux Falls’ KELOLAND TV that she and her husband couldn’t figure out at first where the magnets that their son swallowed came from. Eventually, however, they discovered that they attached to the bottom of a flexible silicone trivet that came as part of the QVC cookware set.

The magnets easily pop out of the trivet, but the product was sold without a warning, meaning that they could end up in the hands of a child or even a pet.

The danger is amplified when two more magnets are swallowed. According to WebMD, “Unlike foreign bodies that can pass through the body with relatively little trouble, magnets can seriously damage the stomach or intestine by attracting each other through the lining of different loops of intestine. Ultimately, the magnets could cause a lack of blood flow in the lining and puncture the lining of the intestine.”

Because the risk of infection and death is so high, anyone who swallows a magnet should seek immediate medical attention.

Although the manufacturer of the 10-piece Copper Chef cookware has not initiated a safety recall, the danger posed by the silicone trivet included in the set is nonetheless real.

“It was just really surprising to me that something like this could be on the market, available to anyone. And my fear was just, ‘Man, what if somebody else’s child gets this and the same thing happens to them?’ And that would be the last thing I would ever want,” Ms. Trias told KELOLAND TV.

QVC sent out letters of warning to customers who bought the cookware sets. The letter includes a photograph of the magnets in one of the trivets. Anyone who has questions about the item can call QVC at 800-367-9444.