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183 Amtrak passengers stranded in small snowy Oregon town

railroad tracks 157x210 183 Amtrak passengers stranded in small snowy Oregon townAn Amtrak train with 183 passengers aboard has been stranded in the tiny town of Oakridge in Oregon since about 9:45 a.m. Sunday, when the Coast Starlight Train 11, traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles, struck a tree that had fallen onto the snow-covered tracks. No one aboard the train was injured, but “conditions further deteriorated with numerous track blockages from snow and fallen trees,” Amtrak spokesperson Marc Magliari told ABC News.

Poor weather conditions have forced road closings in the area. Crews are working to clear the track and were expected to reach the stranded train around 6 a.m. Tuesday, at which point another train will return those aboard back to Eugene and Portland, Oregon.

The small town of Oakridge, where the train came to an abrupt stop, is also out of power and there are only two small hotels in town. Instead of separating passengers, Amtrak opted to keep them onboard. The train is providing food and water for passengers at no cost, but rations are running thin. Mothers of infants are having to use makeshift diapers and are running out of formula.

“So, we’re kind of just making do with what we have,” passenger Carly Bigby said.

Passengers also cannot step off the train because the snow is just too deep. And while travelers are getting a bit restless, they are in otherwise good spirits, passenger Rebekah Dodson said, making due as best they can. One passenger even pulled out a ukulele and started performing for kids.

Others, however, expressed frustration with Amtrak, saying the passenger train company has not provided adequate updates.

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