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Nursing home employees indicted for letting patient ‘rot to death’

nursing home residents 280x210 Nursing home employees indicted for letting patient rot to deathSeven former and current employees of an Ohio nursing home were indicted by a federal grand jury last week on charges they mistreated two patients in their care, including one who “literally rotted to death,” Attorney General Dave Yost said during a news conference.

The seven employees were nurses at Whetstone Gardens and Care Center in Columbus, Ohio in 2017. They face a combined 34 charges including involuntary manslaughter and patient neglect, and for causing a patient physical harm because they falsified her medical records and forged signatures.

“This is gut wrenching for anyone who has entrusted a care facility with the well-being and safety of a loved one,” Yost said.

The first person mentioned in the report suffered wounds in February 2017, which worsened to the point he suffered from gangrene and necrosis, or tissue death. Nurses failed to send him to a hospital. He developed septic shock and died on March 5, 2017. Two of his nurses were charged with manslaughter. Whetstone Gardens and Care Center officials said it “strongly” disagrees that the nurses who were charged were responsible for his death. But the facility suspended them pending the outcome of the investigation.

It was also discovered that another patient’s medical records had false information, specifically that staff had cared for her on days when she wasn’t physically in the nursing home. The patient later died, but none of the nurses who cared for her are charged in her death. Upon becoming aware of the falsified records, the nursing home immediately terminated employment of four of the nurses for falsifying the medical records.

Source: WREG/News Channel 3