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Federal Appeals Court renders important decision against Family Dollar in FLSA case

A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a $35.6 million judgment against Family Dollar Stores Inc. originally handed down by a Tuscaloosa, Ala., federal jury in 2006. The jury said the company violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by wrongly classifying employees as store managers in order to deny them overtime pay. The 1,424 employees were regularly required to work more than 60 hours a week, and to perform duties not usually associated with store management such as mopping floors, unloading trucks, stocking shelves and running cash registers. The jury awarded $17.8 million in back overtime pay and an ... Read More

Holiday chaos brings long hours for retail workers

With the holidays bringing a time of togetherness and giving, it also brings a time of bargain shopping and the craziness of holiday sales. It’s a shopper’s dream, but a retail worker’s nightmare.  Black Friday begins the Christmas shopping rush and stores extend their hours to accommodate the last-minute shopper, right up until Christmas Eve.Many stores all over the country opened their doors at the wee hours of the morning for Black Friday, offering sales and “doorbuster” prices. Some stores opened as early, or late depending on which way you look at it, at 12:01 a.m. and stayed open throughout ... Read More

Pain pump malfunction saves officer’s right shoulder

When a 37-year-old canine officer injured both of her shoulders after a fall at work, she sought shoulder surgery to fix her injuries and to relieve the pain she suffered. Multiple procedures were performed on both shoulders, most of which I can’t even pronounce, and postoperative pain pumps were administered to both shoulders following the surgery.  The problems she suffered in the future were not something she had bargained for. After both pain pumps were implanted in the shoulders, the right sided pump did not function properly, causing the device to leak outside of her shoulder until it was removed. ... Read More

Steps to prevent shoulder injuries

Imagine a 16-year–old athlete being told that a shoulder surgery that was supposed to relieve his shoulder problems has caused permanent damage to his shoulder, and it will never be the same. Any hopes of being normal again, or pursuing an athletic career, are gone. The damage is done. This sort of story is happening to more and more young athletes due to the pain pumps used after shoulder surgeries. Shoulder problems are occurring in young athletes, causing them to look to surgery to relieve the pain and get back into the game. Little did they know that after the surgery, ... Read More

Timberlake employee among growing number of FLSA abuses

Working for Justin Timberlake’s posh “Southern Hospitality” does not exempt you from unfair treatment and pay. According to an article from Fox News, the former Southern Hospitality bus boy, Felipe Ramales, filed a lawsuit against Timberlake’s restaurant for not compensating him for the overtime he accumulated while there. “Southern Hospitality” is not the first to be sued over overtime hours, and it certainly won’t be the last. Ramales is one of many who are suing companies over unfair compensation of the amount overtime worked. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires overtime to be paid to employees who work over ... Read More

The pump that doesn’t ease the pain

Through arthroscopic shoulder surgery, patients hope for better use of their shoulder and to put an end to their shoulder pain. The expectations of the surgery include alleviating patients’ shoulder problems, and for their post-surgical pain to be eased through pain pumps. While the problems initially might have been alleviated through surgery, it was the pump to ease the pain after the surgery that brought the patients back with more pain and suffering than before.When patients reported back to their doctors after surgery, the same stories in numerous cases were reported, citing a loss of cartilage, and chronic pain. According ... Read More

Hernia patch recall long awaited

With the constant advancements in medical practices and technology, it is sometimes easy for medical professionals to become too confident in their abilities and overlook the underlying facts that are in front of them. This degree of confidence may have been the case for the recall on the Kugel hernia patch made by Davol, a subsidiary of C.R. Bard Inc., which now is paying for its apparent lack of concern over product safety. In a 2007 New York Times article, stories and accounts were told about problems and recalls on the Kugel hernia patch. However, these 2007 reports involving the ... Read More

Drug reactions bring awareness to Stevens Johnson Syndrome

New reports from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and cancer patients have put Revlimid, an oral medicine given to patients with multiple myeloma, on a list of medications that could possibly cause Stevens Johnson Syndrome when used by itself or mixed with other drugs. Stevens Johnson syndrome is a serious, potentially life-threatening skin disease that can start with flu-like symptoms and eventually cause a rash that spreads and blisters. According to, other medications have been linked to Stevens Johnson syndrome including Bextra, Celebrex and Daypro, as well as over-the-counter pain relievers such as Motion, Ibuprofen, Children’s Motrin and ... Read More