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Texas woman sues Digitek manufacturer for husband’s death

A woman from Texas claims that her husband died in January 2007 as a result of his Digitek medication containing twice the active ingredient. On Jan. 23, 2008, Vickie Butts, representing the estate of her deceased husband, Donnie Butts, filed a product liability lawsuit against Actavis, the drug manufacturer, and Mylan, the distributor. The Southeast Texas Record states, “According to the original complaint, just a year after acquiring the business of manufacturing Digitek, the defendants received a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that they had failed to provide periodic safety reports from its solid oral dose manufacturing ... Read More

Alabama man dies after consuming Digitek

Nicholas Chandler, a 23-year-old resident of Alabama, died after consuming Digitek (Digozin) on Jan. 9, 2009. His doctor prescribed Digitek (Digozin) in order to correct his heart condition that could not be corrected by other medications. Chandler suffered toxicity after taking the medication. Chandler’s wife Barbara Chandler deems the defendants negligent because Digitek was distributed to the public with twice the amount of the active ingredient, according to the West Virginia Record. The paper reports, “Digitek (Digozin) has a narrow therapeutic index and has a limited margin between effectiveness and toxicity. Chandler, as administratix of the estate is seeking judgment, ... Read More

FDA awaits Actavis permanent injunction

The drug company Actavis, producer of the heart drug Digitek, agreed to close several plants in New Jersey and will not resume operations at these plants until U.S. standards for testing and manufacturing have been met by the FDA. According to Pharma Tech Live, the FDA has filed a consent degree, banning Actavis from distributing drugs in Totowa and Little Falls, N.J. The agreement also gives the FDA the right to close the plants if violations persist and to fine the company $15,000 a day afterward. The FDA filed an action against Actavis Dec. 23, which was signed by Actavis on ... Read More

Actavis N.J. plant agrees with FDA

Actavis Inc. has made an agreement with the FDA not to issue any drugs from its Totowa facilities in Morristown, N.J., where Digitek is produced. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the agreement says Actavis cannot resume its practices until it conforms to “the agency’s good manufacturing practice.” Actavis must improve its labs, facilities, and equipment. Actavis has faced numerous lawsuits over the recalled drug Digitek. One such lawsuit includes the death of a patient and claims that Digitek is an unsafe and flawed drug. Actavis would not comment if the FDA agreement had influenced the Digitek lawsuits or not. ... Read More

Digitek believed responsible for 667 deaths

According to reports filed to the FDA and consumers, the Center for Public Integrity has found that Digitek is responsible for 667 consumers’ deaths from April through June 2008. Pharma Live says health experts believe the FDA should have made more “aggressive warnings” to the public. The number of deaths associated with Digitek consumers have increased since the last reporting period.Because all Digitek consumers already have heart disease, the issue is whether or not Digitek has caused an increase in death from heart problems. In April of this year, Digitek pills were recalled due to a suspicion of Digitek pills ... Read More

Goodwin to seperate federal digitek complaints

U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin, who is striving to resolve the national litigation over Digitek, wants separate complaints from separate plaintiffs. On December 2, he signed an order stating that all Digitek attorneys who have numerous plaintiffs in single suits must separate the claims. According to the West Virginia Record, Goodwin wrote, “Some complaints in this MDL action join multiple plaintiffs whose only apparent connection with one another is that they ingested the drug at issue.” Goodwin gave all plaintiff lawyers a Dec. 31 deadline “to identify all multi-plaintiff actions subject to his order and propose a severance order.” After ... Read More

Kentucky man files digitek suit after losing wife

John Anthony Conte of Madison County, Kentucky, filed a Digitek lawsuit against a West Virginia pharmaceutical company, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, for his wife’s estate. His wife is believed to have died after taking Digitek. This suit was filed on October 9, 2008.Conte’s late wife, Scottye Conte, had a heart condition and was prescribed Digitek to correct this problem. According to the suit, Scottye Conte died on October 12, 2007 as a result of ingesting this medication. According to the West Virginia Record, the suit claims, “Digitek contains twice the approved level of active ingredient and a narrow therapeutic index, which means ... Read More

What is a hernia and how is it treated?

The Bard Composix Kugel Mesh hernia patch (X-Large Patch Oval with ePTFE) is used to repair scar tissue, which occurs after hernia repair surgery.  After a small incision, the patch is placed behind the hernia defect. A “memory recoil ring” allows the patch to be folded for an insertion. When in place, the patch will later spring open and lay flat. The Bard Composix Kugel Mesh hernia patch (X-Large Patch Oval with ePTFE) was recalled on December 22, 2005. According to the FDA, “The “memory recoil ring” that opens the Bard® Composix® Kugel® Mesh Patch can break under the stress of ... Read More

Actavis comments on lawsuit

The Department of Justice, on behalf of the FDA, has filed a compliant against Actavis and is asking for a permanent injunction against its subsidiary. Actavis claims that it has been dedicated to ensuring the value and integrity of its manufacturing since May 2008, which is after the FDA inspected Actavis because the company manufactured Digitek pills that were twice as thick as they ought to have been. According to Market Watch, “The company views the filing of this complaint as one step in a long regulatory process, and is fully committed to working collaboratively and openly with the FDA ... Read More

U.S. attorneys sue makers of Digitek, seek to close facilities

U.S. Attorneys in New Jersey are moving to close three Actavis Inc. plants, the company that manufactures Digitek, until they comply with FDA regulations. According to the Associated Press, the suit requests the court to not allow Actavis Inc. and Actavis Totowa to manufacture drugs until the company complies with FDA regulations for testing, quality control, and test response. The company must also stop selling unapproved and misbranded drugs. Filed by U.S. Attorney Christopher Cristie and the Department of Justice’s Officer of Customer Ligation, the suit states Actavis’ facilities in Totowa and Little Falls, N.J., have not only continued to ... Read More