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Jennifer Walker-Journey is a professional writer whose 20-year career spans from newspapers and magazines to Ezines and business blogs. Her primary focus is corporate and business writing, though she relishes any opportunity to write features. In her limited free time, Jennifer strives to finish the novel she is writing. She lives in Birmingham with her husband, Rick, and their insatiably curious son, Truman.

First Zika virus case in Alabama confirmed by ADPH

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A Morgan County, Ala., resident has tested positive for the Zika virus, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) has confirmed. “We knew it was only a matter of time before we would have the first positive case of an individual in Alabama with Zika virus,” said Acting State Health Officer Dr. Tom Miller. “Given the frequency of international travel to affected areas, we anticipate having additional positive cases. We are working with the medical community to identify high-risk individuals.” Part of that identifying process involves tracking down people who have traveled to areas affected by the virus. So far, ... Read More

Emergency transport ventilators recalled


Dräger Medical Inc. is recalling emergency transport ventilators because of a system error that may cause the ventilator to stop working, putting patients at risk for serious injury or death. The recall involves Dräger Oxylog 2000 plus, Oxylog 3000, and Oxylog 3000 Plus Ventilator with the catalog numbers 5705080, 2M86300, 2M86965, 5704813, or 5704831. The machines were distributed from April 1, 2007, to Dec. 12, 2015. A total of 117 ventilators are affected in the United States. Those machines were distributed to the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, ... Read More

FDA warns pharmacists not to use product used in oral liquid drugs


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is urging pharmacies not to use SyrSpend SF and SyrSpend SF Grape flavor suspending agents from Fagron Inc. in their compounding of various oral liquid drug products, because the SyrSpend was found to be contaminated with yeast, identified as Candida galli. “If an immune-compromised patient or child with an immature immune system ingests the contaminated product, there is a potential the patient will get an infection for which systemic antimicrobial therapy would be necessary,” the FDA said in a Safety Alert. Affected SyrSpend SF lots include 15I21-U01-026920 15J26-U05-027457 15J26-U05-027473 15I21-U01-027370 15J19-U05-027406 Affected SyrSpend SF ... Read More

Chipotle takes great strides to clean up its act


Earlier this week, Chipotle Mexican Grill closed more than 2,000 of its restaurants for four hours to hold a virtual town hall meeting with its employees in an effort to literally and figuratively clean up its act after a wave of foodborne illness outbreaks linked to various Chipotle restaurants across the country. The company allowed two reporters – one from a wire service and the other from Fast Company – to sit in on the meeting. Restaurant officials also live-tweeted and shared photos of executives and employees during the meeting in an effort to be more transparent. Chipotle founder Steve ... Read More

Plaintiffs fight back against Fresenius motion to dismiss GranuFlo lawsuits


Attorneys representing plaintiffs in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) against dialysis giant Fresenius Medical Care over potentially fatal cardiac effects with the company’s GranuFlo and NaturaLyte dialysis products told a judge that hundreds of Massachusetts and Mississippi cases are eligible to join the MDL because there is no proof that patients or their doctors knew about a 2012 FDA warning regarding the products. Fresenius filed a motion to toss out hundreds of cases in the MDL because they were filed three years after the FDA warning, which issued on May 25, 2012. “Defendants pin their hopes on a single FDA safety ... Read More

Concussions linked to increased risk of suicide

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People who suffer a concussion are three times more likely to attempt suicide later in life, according to a new study. Much attention in recent years has been given to the long-term neurological effects of repeated head injuries sustained by professional athletes including NFL players and military service members. But a team of scientists with the University of Toronto in Canada found that even average people who suffer head injuries are more likely to attempt suicide than people who did not have concussions. For the study, researchers reviewed data from nearly 250,000 adult Canadians living in Ontario who suffered a mild ... Read More

Lawmakers want better surveillance for medical devices


Lawmakers and health-policy experts are calling the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s surveillance of medical devices “inadequate” because it relies on manufacturers to report problems with their own devices, and are calling for a new system to help protect the public from harm. The debate was prompted by deadly superbug outbreaks at hospitals across the country that were linked to contaminated duodenoscopes, specialized endoscopes used to diagnose and treat bile duct and pancreatic conditions. Outbreaks were reported in 19 hospitals, during which nearly 200 people were infected. The Senate faulted the FDA for dragging its feet and not investigating the issue ... Read More

Proposed class-action lawsuit takes aim at Dr. Oz

Dr Oz

Popular television host Dr. Oz used his position to influence viewers to purchase weight loss nutritional supplements deemed by the talk show host as “revolutionary fat busters” that were actually worthless pills with no scientific data supporting they help people lose weight, claims a California resident who seeks to represent a nationwide class action lawsuit against Dr. Mehmet Oz and the companies that manufacture the products. Vera Woodward says she was duped into spending between $15 to $20 per bottle of Labrada Garcinia Cambogia Dual Action Fat Buster, the Labrada Green Coffee Bean Extract Fat Loss Optimizer and the Labrada Raspberry Ketones ... Read More

Chipotle slapped with lawsuits over food poisonings


Chipotle Mexican Grill has been hit by two lawsuits filed by people who were sickened during multiple food poisoning outbreaks at the restaurants across the country in recent months. Kelly Aherns filed a lawsuit in Minnesota when she became infected with salmonella after eating at a Chipotle in August. She claims her symptoms were so severe that she became dehydrated and needed emergency medical attention. That outbreak, linked to salmonella-tainted tomatoes, sickened 64 people in Minnesota. Haley Hadlock filed a lawsuit in Oklahoma after she developed a rare strain of E.coli that produces Shiga toxins three days after eating at ... Read More

Dialysis giant Fresenius urges judge to toss GranuFlo, NaturaLyte lawsuits


Fresenius USA, the world’s largest provider of dialysis services and products, pressed a federal judge to throw out hundreds of Massachusetts and Mississippi lawsuits consolidated in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) alleging the company’s dialysis products GranuFlo and NaturaLyte caused patients’ hearts to stop beating. Fresenius’ motion included 169 cases in Massachusetts and 61 in Mississippi. The company contends that the Massachusetts cases were filed more than three years after May 25, 2012 – the date the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety warning regarding the products. Fresenius claims the Mississippi cases involved injuries that occurred after May 25, ... Read More