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Jennifer Walker-Journey is a professional writer whose 20-year career spans from newspapers and magazines to Ezines and business blogs. Her primary focus is corporate and business writing, though she relishes any opportunity to write features. In her limited free time, Jennifer strives to finish the novel she is writing. She lives in Birmingham with her husband, Rick, and their insatiably curious son, Truman.

Former FDA chief: Xarelto makers did not adequately warn of bleeding risks

Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner David Kessler told a Philadelphia jury that the warning labels on the blood thinner Xarelto did not give consumers or their doctors enough information about the risk of significant bleeding events using the drug posed. “They did not adequately notify physicians that some patients are at higher risk than other,” he said. “That’s what I believe.” Kessler testified for plaintiff Lynn Hartman during the first bellwether involving Xarelto side effects to go to trial in Philadelphia. Hartman sued Xarelto makers Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer claiming the drug caused her to ... Read More

First device approved to aid in opioid withdrawal

In an ongoing effort to quell the national opioid epidemic and provide better resources for recovering addicts, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new indication to an electric stimulation device for use in helping to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. “Given the scope of the epidemic of opioid addiction, we need to find innovative new ways to help those currently addicted live lives of sobriety with the assistance of medically assisted treatment. There are three approved drugs for helping treat opioid addiction. While we continue to pursue better medicines for the treatment of opioid use disorder, ... Read More

Gout medication linked to heart-related death

Preliminary results from a clinical trial show that patients taking the gout medication febuxostat (brand name Uloric) were at greater risk of heart-related death than patients taking another gout medication called allopurinol, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in a safety communication. The agency had ordered Uloric’s maker, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, to conduct a safety study when the medication was approved in 2009 to better understand its risks. The agency is still evaluating the data and will update the public once the final results are available from Takeda and a comprehensive review is conducted. Febuxostat already carries a warning about ... Read More

Ambien in high cumulative doses linked to Alzheimer’s in elderly

High cumulative doses of the sleep aid Ambien have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease in elderly individuals, according to a retrospective study published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society. Ambien contains the active ingredient zolpidem, which is also found in the brand name sleep aids Intermezzo, Edluar and Zolpimist. It is a prescription medication used to treat insomnia. The study involved the evaluation of nearly 7,000 patients 65 and older who had never been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Half were prescribed zolpidem and the other half were not. Among the group taking zolpidem, 71 percent were taking what ... Read More

DePuy hit with $247M verdict over faulty metal hip implants

Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., were hit with a combined $247 million verdict in the latest bellwether involving DePuy’s Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implants. The ruling was the third nine-figure verdict in the multidistrict litigation alleging design and manufacturing defects with the implants that caused patient harm, Law360 reported. The Texas federal jury awarded $90 million in punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson. DePuy was slapped with $78 million in punitive damages. The six individual plaintiffs received more than $77 million for past and future medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. Four of the plaintiffs’ ... Read More

Auxilium escapes verdict in testosterone side effects trial

Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc., maker of the testosterone replacement therapy Testim, escaped a verdict in the first bellwether trial blaming Testim for a man’s heart attack. This marks the first victory in multidistrict litigation (MDL) over testosterone side effects that names several testosterone manufacturers. The first two bellwether trials were against AbbVie Inc., makers of AndroGel, and resulted in combined $290 million in verdicts. The seven-day trial focused on the case of Steve Holtsclaw, who claimed he was prescribed Testim after complaining to his doctor about chronic fatigue. Months after treatment, Holtsclaw suffered a heart attack. He since learned that studies ... Read More

Many teens taking supplements without knowing potential harms

More than 40 percent of adolescents decided to take dietary supplements on their own, while 30 percent decided to take the products based on the recommendation of parents or other family members. Yet, these teens are taking supplements without knowledge of harmful effects or drug interaction, according to a new study conducted by members of the Biotechnical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. “According to the existing information, adolescents are the most susceptible and misinformed group of customers; thus this population is the target market for dietary supplements,” researchers said, according to Science Daily. The study involved 1,500 ... Read More

Testim benefits not worth the heart attack, patient says

Steve Holtsclaw’s heart attack in 2014 weighs on his mind daily. He’s more emotional now, and constantly wonders, “How much longer have I got?” the 62-year-old man told an Illinois federal jury during the first bellwether trial in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) involving cardiovascular risks with Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s testosterone replacement therapy Testim. Holtsclaw was prescribed Testim in 2013 after complaining to his doctor about chronic fatigue. A blood test showed his testosterone levels were low. Months later, Holtsclaw suffered a heart attack. He received two stents and was put on several medications to help prevent a second heart attack. ... Read More

Kentucky sues maker of opioid Opana ER

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear is suing Endo Pharmaceuticals alleging the company used fraudulent and deceptive marketing of its opioid painkiller Opana ER, a medication so prone to abuse that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pressured the company to pull it off the market. “Endo put its profits above the lives of our people and above patient safety,” Beshear said. The lawsuit states that only two percent of overdose deaths in 2010 were due to oxymorphone, the active drug ingredient in Opana ER. But the following year, that number soared to 23 percent. Beshear said that the deaths were ... Read More

Hip implant jury won’t hear witness tampering claims

U.S. District Judge Ed Kinkeade refused to allow jurors in a trial over alleged defective hip implants manufactured by Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Orthopaedics to hear testimony related to alleged witness tampering involving communication between a DePuy attorney and a company pharmaceutical sales representative. The ruling comes after an investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office into allegations that DePuy sales representative Glenn Swajger influenced David Shein, a surgeon who had treated three of the six plaintiffs, when the two conversed just days before Shein was to testify for the plaintiffs. Swajger agreed to be questioned by the ... Read More