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Natalie Cone is a freelance writer from Birmingham, Alabama. As a nature enthusiast and mother of two boys, she publishes articles about all things outdoors and blogs about the mishaps of motherhood. Her fiction short stories have won three first-place contest awards, and have appeared in various magazine publications and anthologies. You can connect with her at, on Facebook at, or on twitter @nataliecone.

Vermont Widow Sues Vulto Creamery for Husband’s Death Due to Listeria Contamination

cheese recall - Vulto Creamery

Veronica Friedman, the widow of Vermont resident Richard Friedman, who passed away on Nov. 2 due to a listeria-related stroke, has named Vulto Creamery in a wrongful death lawsuit. Vulto is a New York-based raw milk creamery from which Friedman says her family bought cheese in early October. When Richard Friedman began experiencing symptoms of listeriosis, he went to the emergency room at Brattleboro Hospital on Oct. 11, then was transferred the next day to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. A week later he was transferred to Mt. Ascutney Rehab in Windsor where he suffered a massive stroke. Richard was then airlifted back to Dartmouth Hitchcock, where he ... Read More

Benzene Lawsuit draws attention to exposure dangers in tire manufacturing industry


Two days after marrying his wife Anita, Paul Manny landed a job at Uniroyal in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, as a tire analyst, testing tires under varying weights and speeds as part of his job description. Paul, as well as many other workers at the time, used gasoline as a degreaser to clean up at work. Many aspects of Paul’s job concerned Anita. “I worried about him,” she said. When Paul was discovered to have an enlarged spleen, more tests were ordered. His diagnosis was polycythemia vera, a slow-forming blood cancer affecting the bone marrow. “I didn’t know it would cause this,” Anita ... Read More

Man endures two procedures to Remove Retrievable IVC Filter Stuck in Vein

IVC filter

South Carolina resident Ronald D. was given an Option Elite retrievable inferior vena cava (IVC) filter on April 19, 2015. Ronald was a patient at the University Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, at the time. A year later, on April 12, 2016, the same doctor who implanted the IVC filter attempted to remove it, until he discovered the filter was tilted at a 45 degree angle. The retrieval hook was embedded in the wall of the vein. Unfortunately, the doctor was unable to retrieve the filter. Ten weeks later, Ronald went to another doctor to request removal. After an extremely risky ... Read More

Moms Blame benzene contamination at military base for making children sick

leaking underground storage tank LUST

Katie Whatley was only 6 when she was diagnosed with leukemia, and it nearly took her life. “We are fairly confident that had we not taken her to the emergency room that night, that she would have died in her sleep,” said Amanda Whatley in a YouTube video describing her daughter’s fight with cancer. Whatley’s video has now been viewed more than 50,000 times. Three years earlier, however, Whatley’s friend, Melany Stawnyczyj, experienced the same story with her son, Roman, who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 4. “What a coincidence it was for both of us who were ... Read More

Baby Rattle Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

Recall - baby rattle, Kids II Oball

More than 680,000 Oball baby rattles have been recalled due to a choking hazard. Kids II, the manufacturer of the baby rattle, all of which were made in China, have received at least 42 reports of the clear, plastic disc-shaped chambers holding several colorful beads breaking. The beads were found in childrens’ mouths, with some babies gagging on them. The recall, which started on March 2, also involves an additional 17,000 rattles sold in Canada. The rattles only cost around $7 in most stores where baby toys are sold. The toy is shaped like a ball and features 28 finger ... Read More

Pennsylvania Woman Files Lawsuit Over Cook Medical IVC Filter

IVC filter

Pennsylvania resident Caitlin G. was implanted with an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter on June 21, 2012, when she was found to be at risk for a blood clot. At Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, the Günther Tulip, made by Cook Medical, was implanted. However, Caitlin was left with injuries that led her to file a lawsuit against Cook on March 9, 2017, alleging the filter failed and resulted in her injuries. Her lawsuit has been added to 1,500 similar lawsuits pending in a multi-district litigation. The Günther Tulip is one of the oldest IVC filter models still on the market. Different from other ... Read More

Gaffney Industrial Accident Kills North Carolina Man


Johnny Kent, a resident of Mooresville, North Carolina, died the Saturday following an industrial accident in Gaffney last month. Kent, 68, was operating a large machine at the Global Carolina plant when he was pulled into the machine and sustained life-threatening injuries. “Kent reportedly was pulled into a large machine he was operating at the company and trapped for about half an hour until being freed by Gaffney Fire Department and EMS personnel,” said Coroner Dennis Fowler in a statement. He later died of his injuries at Spartanburg Medical Center. An autopsy was scheduled for last week to gather more details about the ... Read More

Explosion Injures Man in Poultry Processing Plant


At a Selbyville, Delaware, Mountaire poultry processing plant, a 34-year-old man sustained major facial trauma and chemical burns when a chemical reaction caused an explosion. The employee was working a cleanup shift around 3 a.m. on Feb. 9 when he inadvertently mixed two cleaning chemicals in a 2.5 gallon sprayer. The chemical reaction caused pressure build-up within the sprayer, resulting in an explosion that inflicted minor damage to the room and life-threatening damage to the worker’s face. Emergency responders arrived at the scene soon after. “He was critical at that point,” Fire Chief Matt Sliwa of the Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company ... Read More

Retrievable IVC Filters may fracture if not removed as prescribed

IVC filter

Following a car accident, a 33-year-old man was brought to the Boston Medical Center (BMC), New England’s largest trauma center. He received an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter, a retrievable model called the G2 made by C.R. Bard. He was not advised of needed follow-up care, and returned to the hospital five years later with chest pains. Upon further testing, the medical team discovered that his IVC filter had fractured, and a strut of the filter had been lodged in a pulmonary artery. He underwent a fluoroscopic procedure, successfully retrieving the broken strut as well as the filter before it could do any ... Read More

Ohio Woman Files Lawsuit Over Celect IVC Filter Failure

IVC filter

An Ohio woman, Christina P, filed a lawsuit against Cook Medical over the Celect inferior vena cava (IVC) filter she received during a hospital stay in 2010. Christina was implanted with a Celect filter at UH Main Hospital in Cincinnati, and has now filed a suit against the maker of the IVC filter for its alleged failure and resulting injury, joining more than 2,500 others who have filed lawsuits alleging serious injuries related to IVC filters. An IVC filter is a device that resembles a spider with needle-thin metal legs. It is inserted into the largest vein in the body and is ... Read More