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Natalie Cone is a freelance writer from Birmingham, Alabama. As a nature enthusiast and mother of two boys, she publishes articles about all things outdoors and blogs about the mishaps of motherhood. Her fiction short stories have won three first-place contest awards, and have appeared in various magazine publications and anthologies. You can connect with her at, on Facebook at, or on twitter @nataliecone.

Hernia Mesh Blamed for Injuries and Excruciating Pain

Physiomesh, made by Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon, isn’t the only hernia mesh currently under fire for its allegedly defective design. The Ventralex ST Mesh, made by C.R. Bard and Davol, Inc., is getting its fair share of criticism, with similar claims of pain and infection as its sister product, Physiomesh. Richard Stipelcovich of Orleans Parish, Louisiana, was implanted with a Ventralex ST Mesh to treat an incarcerated umbilical hernia on Oct. 4, 2016, at Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans. The surgeon was Dr. James E. Brown, who trusted Bard’s product to be as safe as it claimed to be. Following the placement ... Read More

The Real Victims of Fracking Pollution are Children, Researchers Say

Researchers have analyzed U.S. fracking sites, suggesting that pollution from the controversial process could affect neurodevelopment of babies and children. Extracting shale gas through the process of fracking, a method of drilling using highly pressurized fluids, could be releasing dangerous pollutants that pose a health risk to infants and children. Other countries such as France, Ireland, and Germany have banned fracking over environmental concerns. In the U.S., however, the practice is growing rapidly. According to The Guardian, the research team focused their efforts on five major clusters of pollutants, including heavy metals, hormone-disrupting chemicals and particulates. The negative effects of the ... Read More

Six Construction Workers Injured in Brooklyn Building Collapse

In Brooklyn, New York, six construction workers were injured when a Crown Heights building partially collapsed. According to AM New York, workers were unloading cinder blocks onto the roof of a Crown Heights brownstone building. A New York Fire Department (FDNY) spokesman said it was just before 10 a.m. last Tuesday. Suddenly a portion of the roof collapsed and crumbled into the basement. Fire Rescue workers dragged six of the nine members of the construction crew from the rubble. The location of the other three were unknown at the time of the news report. The site’s general contractor for Z&J ... Read More

OSHA Cites Automotive Hose Manufacturer for Critical Arm Injury

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has cited an automotive hose manufacturer over a critical arm injury of an employee, resulting in a $70,000 fine. In February 2016, a worker of HBD/Thermoid Inc., based in Dublin, Ohio, was critically injured when his arm became caught in a catapuller, a powerful machine that pulls hoses through their stages of production. The man’s arm was crushed. The machines have safety plexiglass guards on hinges that can be opened when safe and necessary. But there was debate as to whether or not the guard had been left propped open the day before the incident, ... Read More

Michigan Woman Sues Maker of IVC Filter

A Michigan woman has filed a lawsuit against the maker of the inferior vena cava (IVC) filter that broke apart inside her body. According to the Daily Hornet, Ruthann W. was implanted with the Option Elite retrievable IVC filter made by Argon Medical Devices and Rex Medical on June 12, 2014. Dr. James Joseph Shields and Dr. Jooman Shim, the doctors who performed the procedure at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor, trusted that the filter would be Ruthann’s best option to prevent pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a deadly condition in which a blood clot travels ... Read More

Multiple BWAY Plants Face OSHA Fines for Worker Injuries

The BWAY plants located in Chicago, Illinois; Homerville, Geeorgia; and North Brunswick, New Jersey, have been fined more than $500,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) over multiple worker injuries. In the last five years, BWAY, the maker of plastic and metal containers such as paint cans, has been held responsible for 15 worker amputations. OSHA found one worker whose bones in his hand were crushed by a machine, and three others who suffered amputations due to unguarded assemblies of chain-and-sprocket design, Safety News Alert reports. BWAY, an Atlanta-based company, was slapped with 10 OSHA citations for repeat violations including failure ... Read More

Common Halloween Hazards, and How to Avoid Them

Halloween is upon us, where hazards go hand-in-hand with delightfully frightening festivities. Although the eerie entertainment may seem innocent enough, dangers lurk in surprising places. The State Department of Public Health is now issuing warnings regarding the risks of using decorative contact lenses. They are often referred to as “decorative” or “fashion” lenses, but the wearer is encouraged to consult an eye doctor before use to prevent injury. “Advertised as color, cosmetic, fashion and theatrical contact lenses, decorative contact lenses are especially popular around Halloween,” says Dr. Karen Smith, State Public Health Officer. “Wearing any kind of contact lens, including ... Read More

Milwaukee Man Crushed while Operating Crane

A Milwaukee man has died after being crushed while operating a remote-controlled crane. Monday, Oct. 16, Kelvis Price, 42, was using a remote-controlled magnetic crane to lift a massive steel plate overhead, CBS58 News reports. When one of the magnets failed, the steel plate fell on top of Price, crushing him. When emergency responders arrived on scene, they found Price lying on his back with the steel plate covering him from the waist down. The remote control used to move the crane was worn on a strap hanging off Price’s shoulder. The workers were unable to remove the large piece ... Read More

Toxins Found in Systems of Porter Ranch Residents exposed to gas leak

Porter Ranch residents who were exposed to the Aliso Canyon gas leak have been found to have high levels of uranium, lithium and styrene, a derivative of benzene, in their systems. The toxic levels in their systems were found by urine and hair samples taken from the residents, who live near the site of the gas leak. An estimated 100,000 metric tons of methane gushed from an aged well just above Porter Ranch in January 2016. The well was operated by Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas). According to Los Angeles Daily News, the leak left thousands of nearby residents sick and forced them ... Read More

Several Injured in Explosion at Connecticut Inn

Several people were injured in an explosion at the Spring Hill Inn in Mansfield, Connecticut on Saturday, Oct. 21. At the time, the Inn was the location of an event hosted by the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry, reports According to police, six people were injured when a mystery explosion rocked the building. At least one person was transported to Hartford Hospital by Life Star. Although the injuries reported so far are non-life threatening, the incident was traumatizing. The evening of the incident, the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry was hosting an event to raise money for a mission for “providing ... Read More